did you see this coming?

splayed across this work table each limb isolated the soft pulsing of the wand on your clit. hearing & seeing nothing noting how well  your blindfold & muffs are working.

Your partner told you the price of your transgressions would be forced upon you until…. damn if you don’t know when it will end.

feeling rough hands on arms and soft on your legs you realize you have company as a ridge slides into your anus while weights are added to your nipple rings.  Feeling the slight tug as you’re  being filled with sensations.

The wand is set to a higher frequency, you know you’re screaming your head off & that you can’t even hear it.  The soft flick of the of the whip on your ribs sometimes hitting those chains causing the vibrations to shake you.

The whip gives way to someone tickling you and nipping your nape.  At one point you swear that you feel Ms. Seal’s flogger on you limbs with the consistent short flaps on your arms & hands and the heavy items on you legs and shin.

This tasteful assault would be so much better if you could see or hear it.
As the impacts dye down some thing cold and smooth is spread on your chest and stomach.  It smells like food but you can’t place it, sticking your tongue and receiving a taste creamy spread reminding you of peanut butter.  A towel replaced the wand as this “food was placed everywhere except your hand & feet that felt squishy & sticky.  Going to stick you tongue back out you hit a face guard.

The sensations startle you from the sharp pokes to the scratching to the licking & sucking. your writhing is only met with many pokes and scratches. Your hands and feet are clean first.  The pokes are now competing with a long rough lick at a slow deliberate pace. A silent giggle escapes until the pokes are felt on your head. Feeling the vibrations all the way to your teeth, enjoying your headgear.

The last lick passes as you air dry. The bonds loosen and you’re carried to a hot bubble bath. Your partner takes off the headgear, earmuffs, and the blindfold.  He washes you with your favorite loofah and tells you how proud he is of you. He drys you off & says he has something he want to watch with you.  You see & hear everything and you’re blown away until the end as your slathered in cookie butter and honey only to realize birds and dogs licked you clean, not people.

Mind blown you fall asleep, tired and strangely satisfied to be a living plate.


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We need ingredients

2 servings of new you

1 cup of I’m not the like the rest I’m a test sent by the best to assess your interest

2 ounces of bomb sex

1 teaspoon of life shit ( a little goes a long way)

A pinch of nice

3 teaspoons of fresh naughty

Blended together

Add nuts as needed

Set oven for 275

Grease a pan

Pour in batter

Bake until the ding

Test the middle for some give

Let cool

Prepare the clear frosting

It dries white & sweet

That’s the way to make

Caramel cake

– dreads

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Challenge : Conclusion

Dreaming of having you all to myself I feel your hands on my chest and my hands on you hips as you ride me like your pet stallion.  Knowing my style you hold me down at my every attempt to take control.  Digging your nails into my chest, you groan “damn Buckwild this dick is good, fuck me like you know I like it.” you command.

Flipping you on your back, positioning our hips I feel you wrapping your legs knowing that if you lock your ankles I might be in trouble.  In my dream I’m giving you slow deep strokes that elicit moans of pleasure just as I feel my self cumming.

“Wake up!” Trick shouts while shaking me.

“huh, what’s going on Trick?” I ask groggily

“(y/n) is ready for the tie breaker, but she has a few stipulations” Trick shares.

“Okay, where is she (y/n) and what’s changed?” I ask

“Instead of sudden death she (y/n) wants a threesome…”Trick trails off.

“Where is (y/n), I have a few thoughts on how this is supposed to work?” I ask

“Here I am Buckwild.” (y/n) answers “it’s like this you two are the best by far, and I don’t want you to compete anymore.  Instead I named you both #1 and let everyone else know where they fit in the roster.” you explain.

“I bet we can both guess who’s at the bottom of the list.” Trick jokes

“Big meat!!” we both laugh

“Are you two finished or are you done, cause I’m not.” (y/n) reminds

“My bad, so this threesome right?”

“yea, I want us to get to know each other better and fuck each others brains out.  I know you both have you bags of goodies ranging from the floggers and other impact implements to Tricks vibrators and dildos.  You both have restraints and other tools of pleasure. I want us all to use them on each other within reason.-” (y/n)

Both us look skeptically at (y/n) and Trick mutters a solid “You got me fucked up.” “You know I like you Buckwild, but you’re not fitting to put anything in me if I can’t put it back in you. (y/n) you know my history with men.” Trick confides

“Yo Trick, it’s all good I’ll focus all penetration on (y/n) and you’ll do the same.  Do you enjoy any kind of pain with your sex? or will this just be us plying our trade on you (y/n)?” I question.

“I want you to both feel comfortable enough to use me as bridge to ecstasy and  if not then you both will fry all of my nerve endings if you are still interested in this?” (y/n) retorts.

coming in close we all begin kissing (y/n) lips and caressing her back.  She strokes my member and makes out with Trick. I break away mid stroke for paracord flogger with a heavy handle.  Observing them I, see Trick kneeling before (y/n) gesturing that I do what ever it is I’m setting up to do.

Coming closer, draping the cord on (y/n) shoulder she shudders “please sir, punish me for not asking for permission” (y/n) says as Trick hits a rhythm.

the only sounds to be heard is the light thud of the floggers on (y/n) back and shoulders, Tricks lapping and kissing sounds and your yelps puntucated by “SIR PLEASE, PULLEASE MMMMMAAYYY I?!”moans.

“No princesess not until Trick says you can.” I reply Trick pulling away from your soaked lower half with a breathy “Cum (y/n).” convuslion isn’t the word as you shudder fall to the bed.  Rising from the floor Trick puts the soft restraints on your legs, while I’m doing your wrist.  Leaving you splayed & panting.

“Do you want to be inside her first Trick?” I enquire

“Yea, I do I’ve just the unit for her right now & looking at you gear I beat you’ll have her attention split. ” Trick replies

dapping up we both ready ourselves for you, (y/n). Trick pulls out this purple and black 7″ dildo with a upward curve and a matching harness.  She lubes herself up asking “Are you fucking ready for the Trick?!” “hell yes give it to me Trick!” (y/n) replies. Positioning herself between you legs Trick grips you hips and long strokes you.  The growls grow as the collective scents fill the room.  Switching up to short fast strokes Trick begs “cum all over me baby, so me in you.” Driving you over the edge squirting.

Before you can recover I apply the nice clamps to your chocolate kisses. Your moan replaced by a scream followed by “OH Fuck, yes SIR, Use me, I’M yours!!!”  Obliging I slide my dick into your mouth which you’re suckling like a newborn.  “Take this Trick,” I say giving her the electrical wand. Flipping the switch and starting on your ribs to gurgled yelps.

Locking eyes I yell “Switch” we both hop out of you and change positions. Sliding in like you you’re home plate loving watching you struggle in your braces “you’re not getting free this time princess.” I whisper in you ear as I stroke you.  Tugging at the chain with my teeth I see Trick dropping her harness and face sit you.  Bracing herself on your chest “Find my clit (y/n) make me fucking cum.” Trick commands. Clipping and unclipping your nipples Trick shows her skills as shes taking turns between smothering you and riding your tongue. Rocking back on my heels taking the scene in as Trick removes the nipple clamps and just shocks you.  Each pzzzt makes you clench on my man meat as I try fighting off this nut.  Lifting you legs & gripping you thighs I give you the short savage strokes of my style.  The shift makes Trick riding you harder screaming damn near in unison “I’m cumming!” We both collapse on the bed *Smack* clunking our heads on the descent.

Going to stand I catching a cramp in my leg falling to the bed “fuck I should have stretched, fuck fuck fuckity fuck.” I mutter.

Tricks laughter soon fills the wood as she hops up just to fall next to you with a lower back spasm “Oh my back, help
(y/n) I need assistance baby.”

“I’m fire, got both of y’all cramping up!” Laughing undoing your left restraint trying not to fall off the bed.  (y/n) releasing yourself from the constraints.  Laying still “you two need get closer & deal with each other, cause I’m not done with either of you.” rising off the be “I’m getting coconut water, I’ll put yours on the counter so you can prep for round 2.” (y/n) says leaving the room

crawling to each other “Where is the spasm Trick?” I ask

“it’s my lower back, I’m sure you know the spot.” she jokes

rubbing her back and her spine, ” Where did you learn how to stroke like that?” I pester

“right there, mhmmm. I learned on the  job ya know, same as you.” Trick answers.

“Hey hit my left hamstring, that knot is really getting my attention.” I say

“Gotcha, you enjoying this thus far splitting (y/n) or do you want to do her together this round coming?” Trick saying while unlocking my limb

“Like what Trick?”

“Have you ever DP someone?”

“yea but, it’s been awhile.  What do you have in mind Trick?”

“I want to fill all of (y/n) holes at once.  You in her pussy, a decent plug in her ass and my dick in her mouth and we alternate until (y/n) taps out”

“Okay, let’s do it, (y/n) won’t know what hit her. My leg feels great Trick, if you don’t do this for a gig it might be your calling!” excitedly standing and stretching.

“Same to you man, my back feels like I just left the spa, let’s hydrate and get this party started and show her how we do.” Trick responds.

Before leaving the room we select a nice size plug for (y/n), Trick picks this 8″ dildo that looks so life like “This is Denzel, cause with ever I use it, I get a award.” Trick says confidently.    Stretching I feel my muscles loosen up further. ” Trick grab the bluish green bottle of lube outta my back, (y/n) likes how it feels in her butt. ” I state.

Heading out the room, finding (y/n) smoking a joint and sipping coconut water watching cartoons.  “y’all want a hit, do you see the coconut water?” (y/n) asks

Chugging the liter box shaking my head pointing to the room beckoning (y/n) back.  Trick taking hits shot guns between sip of her libation.  Pulling (y/n) to her feet and guiding her back.

“Get on all fours, assume the position.” I command.  Jumping on the band you hop on all fours, opening your mouth and closing your eyes.

“I got it.” Trick says lubing you up and placing the metal plug inside of you. (y/n) moaning at the lube and recognized plug.  “Fuck, you two bringing your A game.” (y/n) moans.

“Trick I’ll set the clock for 1 hr let’s see what we can do.” I say playing with the timer.

“1”  positioning myself behind you rubbing your lips with moist figures

“Daddy what are you doing” (y/n) moan

“2” Trick ties your hair up, placing the tip in your mouth.

“3” Gripping you hips I grind into you inch by inch tugging your sides. (y/n) trowing it back makes you feel like your in control until I tap that plug. Moaning as Trick works Denzel down your throat.  Locking eyes with Trick we high five at your convulsing body.

Your first orgasm pushes me out with fierceness of a hydrant squirting all over me. “Let me go, baby! Your nails are too sharp!!” Trick yelps.  Seeing that hungry look in your eyes “Fuck me NOW!!!” (y/n) shouting at Trick.

Jogging around we switch position, “You better take this dick after talking all that shit (y/n)! I’m gonna break you down.” Trick shouts making your hips drop.  Sliding under you, gripping your thighs I’m licking your clit while you boob up and down on my meat. “Choke on it for daddy” I say between licks. Gagging as you cum causes a chain reaction.

“O MMMMMMYYYYYYYY GGGGGAAAAWWWWNNNNN (Y/N)!!!” Trick screams gushing with you. Falling on the bed content (as she told me)

You coming all over my face, in my eyes as you choke down my load.  Your legs collapse as you fall on my mouth.  Gripping your cheeks, playing with your plug. “kumquat.” (y/n) whispers.

releasing you and rolling from underneath you.  You curl up next to a sleeping Trick falling soundly asleep yourself.

Walking away, lighting a spliff I begin chuckling. “What a way to spend the weekend!”




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sitting here thinking about our last time together and how it was.

You were so satisfying to be near

from your warmth to your sweetness,  I came in thinking you’d be a snack.

to my surprise you’re a whole meal

I find myself wanting at the most awkward times

calling you so late at night it’s early morning or in the afternoon knowing you’re not available.

you were the best I’ve ever had without compare

when I’m trying others out they’re never as firm, succulent, or sweet.

you knew just what to do & how to

but here I am craving you

remembering how messy we were

how it was over so soon

how we both parted ways knowing our lives would never be the same

I need to find my way to you hoping the next time

the previous person leaves you just right

it doesn’t hurt knowing I’m not your only one

just glad to be on rotation

looking for any invitation to come thru and see you.

I’ll bring the strawberries

you bring the sweetness

I’ll bring the money and reserve the room

this time it’ll be just us two

me & you

after we’ve had our fill

I’ll take you home an tuck you in until we’re ready again


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Only a father can

It’s been so long since I came here last

you still look the same, trapped in time

frozen in perfection.

My gray is taking more of me

the years weigh different as I  continue.

I’ve missed you like only a father could

that day all those years ago

you left the house stating good clean fun to be had was right outside.

I told you to stay outta that side of town, but you swore

you weren’t going but your friends convinced you to ride

and you did

they said it was more fun than yall had ever had

drinks, drugs, dames and all the dirty games they bring.

That night ended in a fight one you tried to break up

I always told you to let them fight but, watch your brothers back.

*tears running down my face*

you didn’t see the knife or see the hand clutching it

your best friend killed you with a savage strike

at the trial he said the drugs were laced, the drink to strong and the dames liked you more.

He blamed everyone but you,

you he loved above all else

you he has tatted on his chest

you the reason he was released the reason it was ruled a accident.

I miss you more each year

your child grows up looking like you

bringing them here to look at you

how you were

they said, they’re you in the present

projecting that they’ll be here longer

better to reach yalls potential.

I miss you like only a father can

coming by to say

I’ll see you soon one day



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this journey i’m on has ups and downs

next to quite a few of my peers i’m on the up while next to others i’m definitely on the downs.

money is not everything, but having enough to not be supremely stressed is a driving factor.

taking steps to move away from being unhappy over money is a lengthy process.  Sitting at my job that had a payroll hiccup that was not fixed immediately put a strain on my account to a tune of -110 a quick call to my bake knocked it down to -40 that’s better but not as good as the +60 I had this morning before charges leveled out from friday.

making streams of income is a problem that i’m looking to right but this journey is full of drops and cliffs i don’t see coming. such is life i know.  the plans to stand tend to be countered by a well placed hit.

i’m growing to hate my job from both sides of my aisle.  i’m hating the lack of consistency and commitment.  the little things that make it worth it are few and far between.  money makes me stay, it’s not great pay but, pay nonetheless.  i’m not able to leave until i can make a smooth go elsewhere.  i live in a time and place where i need every penny.

my boss makes me wonder how long one can live out time as our focus turns in may different ways.  we downsize like it’s going to help.  at our best 9 now we’re 5-6 each person lost has only made the load heavier.

my journey here is coming to a end one way or another

my job affects my mood hours after my days “ended”

my journey to the next stage of life seems endless

my edges gray as my skin gets older.

kissing 30 considering all the life i’ve left to live and how much cheaper my death is compared to my life.

the only thing keeping me on the road is the people i’m on this journey with.


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There are 5 of us vying for your attention Me, Jim, Mike, Tyrone and Isabelle. You said as far as on the streets we’re equal and when it comes down to sex it’s where you see a challenge in naming a champion.  So we’re competing for a rank in your roster. You named us off of our styles

Me- Buckwild

Jim- Slender Tender

Mike-Big Meat



We all have a thing that we do better than the other from head to alternative combinations.

As Buckwild it’s directly correlated to my fuckstyle.  I’m all in from beginning to end with full body stimulation.  I’m 6’6 and thick with a 9″ dick think Winston Duke with long dreads.  I specialize in s&m & longevity.

Then there is Jim the smooth operator or Slender Tender. He’s a real gentle lover who doesn’t leave a mark just puddles or so he claims.  He’s 5’6 with 7″ of dick.  He says that he’s a descendant of Al B Sure, but looks more like a mini Grant Hill. His specialty is gentle lovemaking.

My homeboy Mike is better known as Big Meat.  I’m so sorry for any hole you let him hit. Think iron Mike in his prime and that’s my boy. 5’10 all muscle and a monster of meat between his legs tagging in at 14″ all beef. He’s by far the biggest in the sack and the most selfish.  I’ve dealt with some of his exes they say he’s all this big talk about giving you  the best you’ve ever had but only last for 6 maybe 7 minutes of deep pressure, if he can contain. His specialty is the deep stroke.

Tyrone is a  master lover as far as submission goes.  If you need a selfish nut, hit him up he’s built to serve.  He’s a plain looking guy kind of unassuming clocking in at 5 foot even with 6″ measure for your pleasure he’s your guy. Specialty in knowing just what you need. He’s your Specialist.

Isabelle is the final contestant for your interest.  You call her Trick since she has something in her bag to combat everyone one of us in the room.  She’s the splitting image of Lisa Bonet and just as fine.  I can only guess what she specializes in as far as sex, but I know her bag has more toys than Batman has gadgets.

You propose 3 events to settle who’s the best.

  1. head/foreplay- turning you on.
    1. each contestant has 15 minutes to get your engine going
    2. get you to orgasm if they can
    3. make you cum until either you tap out or time runs out
  2. Sex
    1. Orgasm only get you points
    2. no cuddling
    3. 30 minute time limit
  3. specialties
    1. each contestant can use their special moves or skills exclusvely
    2. goes on until tapout
    3. no violating red terms (for people that have had that convo only)
  4. Tie breaker- If needed
    1. sudden death orgasms

Quickly reminding us that safe sex is the best sex and that you can set the mood however you want.

you’re blindfolded and strip down to your birthday suit.  Sitting on the couch wishing us all the best of luck. We draw straws for the order and here it goes for round 1

Big Meat, Slender Tender, Specialist, Buckwild, and Trick

Big Meat picks you up off the couch and puts you against a wall he bites your neck, mauls your nipples and descends to your pussy.  We all look at his wild licks in disbelief that he gets repeats. You scream and smack his head “fuck Mike what did I tell you about biting me!” You yell.  Trick and I chuckle at his sloppy attempts to please you.  As his time ends he puts you back on the couch and struts off proud of his display.  “You see how I did my thing, she loves this tongue.” Mike boast.

“Watch this”Slender Tender says getting on his knees he crawls between your legs on the couch and starts to lick gently on your lips and kiss your kitten. You start moaning and rubbing your nipples the entire time he licks a little faster until time runs out.  “who ever that was good try, but not good enough.” you say.  Slender slinks away kicking himself.  I look at Trick and make a gamble with her that if we’re in the 4th round we’ll work together and share you as co winners.

Specialist positions you so that you’re face-sitting him he’s pulling you onto his mouth and you must be loving what we can’t see because you are screaming and there is tears in your eyes.” Fuck Yes! That’s My Spot you little bitch! clean mommy right up!!” You scream.  “guess she knows who’s who.” Trick snickers. The buzzer goes off and you fall off Tyrone’s face, he looks like freshly glazed donut and you say, 1 point for him. His fist pump is noted by all most of all by Mike for his poor outing.

As the next one up I seek to capitalize on the Specialist momentum and keep the orgasm going. I almost slide tackle into your pum-pum with my tongue.  I’m gripping your hips and giving you long slow licks when you pull back for air you push my head back into you and guide me to your clit.  I attack it voraciously sucking lightly and hard.  As you lock in that figure four head lock I feel you gush not once but twice.  You tremble and let out a guttural moan followed by another.  Feeling you trying to pull me off & knowing how sensitive your clit is I continue the pressure and you rewards me with 3 quick orgasms  and 1 big one.  You tap out to me and say you need a few minutes before who ever is next.

At the break the score is Big Meat 0 Slender Tender 0 Specialist 1 Buckwild 6 & Trick is N/A

After the break Trick has swings to into action, I hadn’t noted how much slimmer her fingers are than the rest of us.  She is licking your lips at what looks like mach 1 and you’re grabbing her hair “Right there!!” You holler.  She slips two finger inside of you and your voice escapes you.  Trick looks up at you as she suckles on your clitoris and lifts your hips slipping her thumb into your anus. You begin praying to any God you think will answer as you squirt all over Trick.  She continue the assault as you continue your soundless scream that turns to weeping. As time runs out you crumple up on the couch and Specialist drapes you in a blanket and moves you to the love seat while Trick & I clean up your juices.

Big Meat & Tender begin to prep the bedroom, I can only imagine what those too are doing since they haven’t scored yet.

Under the Specialist care you come back down from your high. You request that he runs you a bath so that you can start fresh for the next round. He scurries off and we hear the water running. You’re light snores follow as he preps your water.

As we finish up Slender calls us into the bedroom.  The lights are dimmed and the rooms smells sweet like lavender and vanilla.  Tender says that he’s a big fan of aromatherapy and setting the mood.  Looking at the sheets I notice that they’re black silk sheet, Tender sees me and says that the bed is all big meat who insist that this is the only way to go.  a collective groan is initiated at his expense.  Big meat emerges from the shadows in a burgundy and black smokers jacket and gray sweatpants. Trick get the 1st joke off “who do you think you are a broke Billy D Williams with those sweats on” he retorts “Respect my swag.” We all fall out laughing as the Specialist burst through the door at the outburst, he looks confused until taking a gander at Big Meat laughing too.  “Man, I know you said that you’re a cross generational playa, but damn pick a period and stay, based off your score I suggest lose the jacket” he suggest.   Big Meat rips the jacket off “My ladies love this look, y’all just lack vision.” he mutters. “So do you, who sold you that relic Antonio Fargas or Don Cornelius. ” I interject.

The Specialist ask for some assistance with your bath, and Slender agrees, they both leave the room to give you a bath I assume with more oils and aromatherapy.  Big Meat, muttering that he needs to stretch for his upcoming marathon performance that will leave us all shocked and in awe.  Leaving Trick and myself to set up our respective gear on a table provided.  I notice that there seems to be a overlap in our items except she has a strap on device and I have floggers.

You come in the room with a joint “He’s at it again, is febreeze to good for him, I swear he wants to knock me out with all these scents. Slender must sell these oils in his free time and big meat ain’t much better look at these sheets.  I can’t wait to see him in his playa playa jacket.” you say aloud.  Looking towards us you ask for the score

“Big Meat & Slender Tender have 0, The Specialist has 1, Buckwild has 6 and I have 4′ Trick answers.  “You two, must have had your Wheaties today, are you looking forward to these next 2 rounds?” you ask.  “yeah we are, just wish there was a way to eliminate these other competitors and get on to the main event.” I say.  “tsk tsk tsk, it’s a fair challenge to eliminate those thoughts buckwild. Can you two get everyone together I want to get the 2nd round going” you request.

coming back in you’re on the bed blindfolded and waiting for us.  We keep the same order and Big Meat climbs in the bed after stripping off his sweats he grabs a XXL condom and says this is what a “real man” looks like to us.   He rubs your lips with the head of his penis and you groan ‘lube Mike, lube” he grabs a bottle off the nightstand and lubes himself up.  His first stroke just looked painful you scream bloody murder as he fucks in missionary position, he’s growling like a pit bull and you’re gripping his back like you’re trying to peel a orange. He yelps 6 minutes in and starts saying “this pussy is too good!” moments later he nuts and collapses on top of you.  Big Meat has 20 solid minutes left and he’s wiped out, napping next to we watch a you push him out the bed as he hit the floor you shout “-5 and who ever is next better come prepared to do it right!”

Slender Tender steps over Big Meat and proceeds to kiss you deeply while fingering you. Your moans fill the room as he slides on a condom and slides in from missionary.  Wrapping your legs around him guiding his strokes you crane your neck back and moan “right there, right there, right there”.  Slender lets out a quiet”fuck” as he picks up momentum. Rocking your hips together you pull him in closer to you as you cum.  Basking in the afterglow of your orgasm, Slender Tender turns you on your side straddling your right leg with your left leg on his right shoulder he slides in. Using your leg to stabilize himself he slams into you “You like this dick don’t you, Say you like it” he quarries, but you’re lay unresponsive until you yawn.  Slender takes this as a challenge and  pulls out and diving between your legs.  He reconnects his tongue with your lips muttering something to himself. On minute 29 you moan and scream “OVERSTREET!!”. His head springs up perplexed as the buzzer sounds. Slender hops off the bed and struts out the room stating that needs a nap & a sandwich.  He’s now on the board with 2 points.

The Specialist gives you a coconut water and protein bar, after the brief intermission he makes out with you while rubbing your lips and clitoris.  Kissing down your body the Specialist nips your collarbone and suckles on your boobs like a newborn. Your squealing wakes up Big Meat who gets up confused and shuffles out of the room.  The Specialist kisses down to your mound and devours you. He’s holding onto your hips as you thrash about following your body into a awkward face sit.  You pound the bed as he continue his oral assault.  In the last 10 minutes he wraps up and enters you from behind using a jackrabbit motion all we hear is the clapping of thighs as he tries to ride you into a orgasm filled sunset.  His buzzer goes off and he dismounts.  Giving him a high five you sheepishly say “3 points, good boy”.  The Specialist skips out the room overjoyed at his position in the rotation.

Hearing my flogger you state emphatically” NO Toys for this round especially you Trick I doubt I could stand it!”

Placing it back down on the stand I proceed to the bed turning you over on your stomach. Kissing your neck  and ears kissing down your spine making my way to you peach.  Spreading your cheeks I begin to eat you out from behind to your groans and snickers as my nose tickles your butt.  Your shaky legs and profuse cussing lets me know how close you are to coming screaming “Fuck! you long nosed bastard!!!” cumming on my tongue.  Licking up wards I begin my dessert licking your 2nd hole and dipping the tip of my tongue for a taste while fingering you with my left hand. Your juices drip down my arm as I slide my fingers out and slide my latex sheathed sword into you.  “Fuck I missed this.” I think while gripping your hips and pulling you onto my dick, glancing at the timer noting the 7 minutes I have left switching to froggystyle I pick up the pace. Pinching your nipples, sticking my thumb in your butt hole, “come for me (Y.N.)” I order as you do.  Each orgasm weighted by mild scratches to your back and bites to your shoulders, the buzzer goes off as you shudder one last time.  Dismounting I hit the dougie while you splay out like a marathon runner. Trick’s look of disbelief confirms that I just killed it, “3 points and I need a break.” you feebly squeak out.

In the interim tallying the score with Trick, we hear you snoring after that last round.  Chiding her for getting the short end of the stick, Trick shoots back the scores to show she has a fighting chance.

Big Meat -5, Slender Tender 2, The Specialist 4, Buckwild 9 and Trick with 4.  “I can get at least 5 good orgasms from (y.n.) in under 30 minutes.”  “In your dreams Trick, I’ve secured the prime position. At least neither of us is Big Meat” I joke.

Looking at him knocked out on the couch with a beer and sandwich in front of him.  Slender Tender and The Specialist are playing a game of chess and drinking whiskey while talking about football.

Brushing past us you go to the fridge and grab a coconut water, gesturing us back to the room with one finger we go.  Sitting on the bed, you declare the challenge is coming to it’s last round and that Trick will today’s final contestant.

While I’m setting up the buzzer, Trick’s climbing into your lap.  Not hearing you pleasantries I only hear your moans and tell tell sign that you’re approaching a orgasm.  Walking around the room looking for the stimulation I see that Trick’s hands are around your neck and she’s whispering in your ear.  You’re shuddering increases as she moves her  hands down your frame.  As she gets to your ribs, you rip the blindfold off and pull her into a kiss “Shut up Trick and Fuck Me!” you scream. Acquiescing to your request Trick slips her index into your pussy while you screech. Digging your nails into her back demanding more fingers and deeper.  At this point your primal smell overwhelms the aromatherapy and the only sounds are your guttural moans that reverberate off walls.  “You’re doing real good baby, I’m so proud of you.  You’ve never taken my fist before.” Trick coos. Your writhing on the bed as the buzzer goes off calling a end to the challenge.  Trick works her hand out you. You curl up into yourself holding up 5 fingers.  Tricks strut is something to the score board for the final tally.

Big Meat – (-5), Slender Tender -2, The Specialist- 4, Buckwild- 9 and Trick 9.

Seeing your sleeping form We agree to continue this contest later this weekend and cuddle with you in bed.






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