Wanna a hit

“I fucking hate Shawn, taking me places and leaving when he sees a cutie with a fat ass. I mean I get it * looking around* there’re are a few in here I’d call daddy especially Ty. That big fine nigga, I’d let him to all kind of things to my ass. Since Dallas told me he’s big ALL over. Oh shit he caught me staring at those thick lips and he’s coming over. I can see his print, I hope that’s his piece” I’m thinking.

” sup Kay, see something you like?” Ty ask pulling on his blunt

“Hi Ty, just admiring all of that (rubbing his abs & chiseled chest) you here alone or…looking for some fun?” I ask biting my lip and giving him sex eyes

Laughing “Damn son, you’ve changed up from that shy kid huh? Wanna hit *offering the tree*? ” Ty offers

“Only if you take me upstairs and *taking a big pull* fuck me straight” I answer blowing smoke in his face.

Returning my eyes with a predatory look, leaning in so close I smell his cologne,Henny, and loud. “Get your fine ass in my room fore I fuck you in front of everyone.” Ty growls

Taking off up those stairs with Ty on my heels, I silently thank Shawn for having me prep just in case of this situation. Hitting his door, I find it locked.

” let me get that for you *unlocking the door* can’t be to careful” ty says

It’s really clean in here, I’m surprised. thinking to myself “put some trap on, I love that hard shit” I say looking at his room

“Heard you like it hard, *pressing play Migos permeates the air*” Ty jokes

Hugging him from behind I begin kissing & biting his neck. ” Yes daddy I like it hard & rough. Can you fuck me like that? I’m saying as I slip my hands into his jeans “feels like you can help me.*stroking his dick was making me salivate* strip daddy!”

“Aight” pulling off his shirt, stepping out of his Timbs, dropping his jeans and drawers, and peeling off his socks. Ty strikes a pose “Whatcha think shawty?” licking and biting his lower lip.

“Damn daddy!” taking in Ty’s physique his shredded body and tribal tattoos and his massive dick.

Chuckling “You alright son, looks like you might pass out?” Ty jests

“I heard you’re big, but damn Ty!” Dropping to my knees and grabbing his meat and sucking immediately.

“Right there…ooooo, fuck! That’s the spot Kay, that’s the spot” Ty moans

*gagging* gawk gawk gawk “Fuck my throat daddy” I sputter out as Ty grabs my head and pounds my lips and tonsils.

“OOO YOUR THROAT IS TIGHT, I DON’T WANNA CUM YET” Ty yells trying to pull out.

“Not so fast I’m draining your nuts tonight” I think hugging his pelvis and clenching my throat. Refusing to release Ty’s dick until he went limp in my mouth.

“Jesus, I’m gonna need a minute. Where’d you learn that?” Ty asks falling against the door, steadying himself.

“What, unhinging my jaw that or death grip on your hips?” I ask sinking into his bed.

“Everything, can you fuck the same way?” Ty ask lighting up another blunt, laying on the bed next to me.

“Yep, get it hard again & pound my cheeks to smithereens daddy” stroking his dick as it grows in my hands.

“That feels so good, spit on it” Ty commands “get on ya knees and spread ya cheeks Kay. Applying lube to my booty

“Oh Fuuuuuccckkkk just like that daddy, start slow” *cooing and biting the pillow* “You like this bussy daddy? Do you like watching me bouncing on your big dick?” Throwing myself against his tight body

“Damn Kay, you feel me all up in you?”

“Yes you’re splitting me apart! Harder Ty, smack my ass & call me a bitch!” yelling back as he drills me.

*smack, thwack, smack, thwack* “Take all this dick bitch! I’m going to fuck you until you beg for mercy, Hear me Kay, until you BEG!” Ty taunts

“Just like that Daddy! Harder Harder Harrrrddddeeeerrr! Flip me over & put my legs on your shoulders!” Hows he gonna flip me like a child, He has some pretty eyes… thinking to myself.

“This what you like, locking eyes while I stuff you like a thanksgiving turkey?” Ty growls. My legs on his shoulders, pulling him in by his neck for a kiss. Sucking on his tongue and biting those thick lip.

Moaning “Just like that daddy, *ooo* just like that Ty.  You feel so good, *gripping his smooth head* how do I feel daddy?”

“Damn Kay, why ain’t we do this sooner? *biting my neck while grasping my shoulders for leverage* you got that good good, I’m bout to cum!” Ty growls

“Cum inside me daddy *wrapping my legs around his pelvis*” cooing

*slap slap slap* “HERE IT COMES!!!!!” Ty hollers

“That’s it fill me up” I retort digging my nails as Ty finishes on top of me.  “Thanks Ty, I needed that” wriggling from under him fishing a J outta my jeans.

“Can I hit it?” Ty ask reaching out  to me.

“You already did” I say sparking the J

  • Dreads



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wish list

  1. to eat you out
  2. have sex on the couch
  3. fondle you in public
  4. grope you in a grocery store or target
  5. do a body shot off you
  6. light tying
  7. clitoral stimulation during impact
  8. edging
  9. to have sex with you while another orifice is occupied
  10. light bruising/teeth marks
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“Hey (y/n), bring your sexy self home with a full appetite.  I’m making dinner and dessert. ;-)” is the text you see getting off work.

Arriving home, you head into the kitchen on the counter is the blender and fruit with a note. “I know you’re keeping it juicy, here are your favorite fruits and chia seeds.” Seeing mangoes, pineapple, blue berries, spinach, a banana, coconut water and ice along with your favorite spill proof cup. Wrapping my arms around your body from behind as you make your smoothie “Soon as you finish that come to bedroom I have something to show you” saying as I’m squeezing you tight and kissing your neck. Hearing your heels click down the hall, “Do you like it baby?” gesturing to the candles and roses.

“Thank you baby, where’d all this come from? Do I smell that jasmine lavender bath oil?” you’re asking

“You’ve been saying that you want to just relax after a long week, baby I’ve been hearing you. Tonight I am going to pamper you and make love to you.” Saying while you pulling you in close. “Lets get you out of these clothes and into the bath.” I say stripping off your clothes and guiding you into the bathtub.

“Oooo it’s hot like I like, are you not getting in?” you’re asking as I’m rolling up my sleeves.

“Baby, this is all for you, I want you to feel like the queen I know you to be.” saying as I’m washing you with a sponge.  Your cooing and moaning let me know how good I’m making you feel especially when I’m washing your back and feet.

“Ready to get out (y/n)?” I say holding with open arms.

“Yes baby, I feel amazing. I’ve missed this side of you baby.  I love this towel, it’s do warm and soft.” you’re saying as I’m patting you dry.

“Lay on the bed (y/n) I’m going to lotion your body with this lavender body butter.” Starting with your hands I rub your forearms especially the knots from typing at work. Working my way to you back and shoulders engaging all those tender spots with small tight circles. “(Y/n) I know you’re working hard, I love you and I’m working to take better care of you” I whisper, massaging my way down to your lower back and those little knots from the gym.

“OOO baby right there that’s the spot, that’s my fucking spot!” you’re moaning as I am doing rubbing the soles of your feet.  “I know it is baby, I feel you just shuddering as I run my fingers between your toes” I’m saying. Rubbing up your thighs, finishing the body butter at your inner thighs.  “(y/n) I love you so much, let me show you.” I’m saying kissing your mound and licking your lips, burying my face in you. Slowly eating your pussy while rubbing your clit with my thumb.

“Oooo ugh, that feeelsss great! Daddy please,  Daddy may I cum” Finding your moans exciting I continue licking and slurping down you in a veracious manner. “Dadddyyyyyyy puleezzzzee, I’lll be goood” you’re moaning. Prompting your release is beautiful as you’re bucking against my face, riding the waves of pleasure. Watching you pass out right after your orgasm is a proud moment for me.  Tucking you in for the night, I begin extinguishing all the candles.

Returning to bed your snuggling is what I’m expecting. “Daddy, can I fuck you to sleep?” you’re asking in your little voice. Finding you in the dark, I’m mounting you by touch positioning myself above you slowly entering you *gasping* “Daddy go slow, please daddy go slow. It’s been a while and I want to enjoy every stroke.” you’re whispering. Complying with your request I slowly stroke you while kissing and nibbling at your neck paying special attention to your collarbone leaving you love marks.  Feeling your legs wrapping around me I know that you want me to stay right there. “Baby! right there, *gasp* right there *gasp* Daddy please! *gasp* Daddy Please! oh fuck fuck fuck *gasp* fuck me Daddy, FUCK ME TO SLEEP!!” (y/n) saying between strokes.

“Hold it, stop your whimpering I’m just getting started” Switching to a long slow strokes. The ones that go inch by inch.  You’re bucking yourself against me, digging your nails so deep into my back I’m sure there will be permanent marks.  “(y/n) baby cum with me!” exploding inside of you meeting a flood of your juices.  “Damn Daddy, I’m a squirter now! Get a towel!” you’re shouting. “I know you’re going to knock out any moment now won’t you?” applying a towel to the soaked spot.  “Feeling better (y/n)? babe?” I’m asking . Your response is light snoring.

Thinking to myself “Still got it.  This is only the beginning” Laying down in bed contemplating the festivities.


Waking up to breakfast in bed with all of your favorites: fresh cut watermelons, mangoes, 2 boiled eggs and pan toast with butter.  “You’re drinking pineapple. orange, cranberry juice.  Enjoy (y/n) I’ll be prepping the green room.  lounge about and shower. When you’re ready I’ll be waiting.” I’m saying leaving the room.

“Girl let me tell you about last night, this man really loves me, last night he did all the things I have been wanting from him washing me from head to toe to a serving of dickquil.  Lord I came so hard, I squirted and passed out.  This man of mine put a towel done so I didn’t sleep in the wet spot & he made me food this morning.  I think he’s prepping the dungeon room, girl he’s fitting to have me all relaxed for our anniversary. Girl I just wanted to give you a update on my loving husband. I’ve gotta run, I wonder what’s next.  If I can I’ll be at brunch tomorrow. Love you girl bye” (y/n) talking to your best friend before hopping in the shower.

“Hi Daddy, thank you for last night.  You really gave me everything I needed, where do you want me?” You (y/n) say walking into the green room adorned with floggers, paddles, canes, and other instruments of pain and pleasure. “Put in your plug and get on the spanking bench.” instructing you as I select different diferent item including 2 floggers, a foam blocker, a cane, 2 paddles, the wand and the bear claws. “Baby do you want to the blindfold?”

“No Sir, I want the option of seeing what you use” you beam back

“Little one, we’ll be sceneing until you call for red. Agreed?” I’m inquiring

“Yes Sir, please go light on my shoulders they’re sore. Can you put on some music?” you’re requesting

Starting the riding crop on you feet and caning your thighs in tandem to of the beat

*tap, pat, tap, pat, tap, pat, tap, pat, tap, tap, tap, pat, pat, pat.*

“Don’t Stop Believing” is filtering through the air as I’m switching to the floggers

“Ooo sir this feels incredible, I feel so warm” You’re saying

*wap, wap, wap, wap wap wap wap*

*ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch*

“How are you feeling, what’s your name?” Asking in between strikes focusing on your hips, thighs and butt.

“Green and my name is (y/n)” you’re answering

*ch wap ch wap ch wap ch wap ch wap ch wap ch wap* throwing the floggers on my shoulders.

*thwack thwack thwack pop pop pop thwack* punching your butt and thighs while slapping your sides “How are we feeling?” I’m yelling

“Yellow on my butt Sir, can I get a break for fluids soon?” you’re answering

“We sure can” rubbing your butt and thighs.  Admiring my work, I tickle your feet and sides. Watching you laugh and rock back and forth. Bringing you a cup with a straw you sip coconut water.

“Thank you Sir. I’m ready when you are, Sir.” (y/n) declares

Running the wand over your thighs and teasing your clit intermittently. Dragging the bear claws across you sensitive skin.  “I love watching you squirm and wiggle.” thinking to myself

*ch ch wap wap wap ch ch ch* winding down the session

“How are you feeling (y/n)?”

“floating and happy Sir.  I love you so much” singing your reply

Rubbing your warm spots with a cool cloth and wrapping you in your favorite blanket. Aftercare begins, holding you in my arms and stroking your body.  “You did such a good job & I am so proud of you (y/n).  You’re getting a lot better at dealing with the pain.” Giving you positive affirmations

“Daddy what’s next?” saying tiredly

“A nap” rocking you as you snuggle closer.

“Happy Anniversary” whispering into your ear.

– Dreads



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Hungry and thirsty pt 1

In this bar sipping my drink looking at all these beautiful women walk past. Wondering how they taste if they’re good enough to eat. This tequila sunrise has me extra horny. This masquerade ball is just what I needed, all these hot bodies has sex directly on my mind. A Nefertiti and Cleopatra sat across from me. The flirting was instantaneous from the coy looks to the stolen smiles to me introducing myself as Goliath. They nodded in agreement as I towered over them at 6’6.

Nefertiti suggested we dance and get to know each other better & Cleopatra & I agreed. The dj was earning their pay with a upbeat old school bops. It got real when the slow jams came on and everyone’s clothes started coming off “for all the lovers and fuckers in the house, these jams are for you” the DJ said as the regular lights dimmed and the red and blue lights came up. Looking around the room there were partygoers In various stages of undress. I undressed Cleopatra while Nefertiti removed my loincloth bumping me. I caught her licking her lips and nudging Cleopatra. Pulling Cleopatra in for a kiss, Nefertiti began stroking & sucking me to attention. She expertly made my knees buckle having o steady myself against a wall. Cleopatra bit & sucked on my nipples while I moaned. With my eyes rolling, feeling pressure on rectum, I adjust for easier access.

Nefertiti slides behind me to better finger my ass while Cleopatra kisses down my body cupping my balls and biting my dick. “Get on all fours!” Nefertiti whispers in my ear. Complying, Cleopatra lays in front of me pulling my face into her beautiful pussy. I’m licking with intensity as she holds my head on her clit. As she cums Nefertiti slides into me with at least 8inches. I groan and push back against her thrust “harder, harder, hurt me” I growled. Nefertiti dug her nails so deep in my back, I could feel the blood dripping.

Cleopatra positioned herself beneath me, sliding my engorged member inside herself . Bucking against me. Spitting into my mouth and rubbing her juices on my body. Both queens came simultaneously. Nefertiti bit my shoulders and back remarking “your such a slut, open your mouth. I’m going to see if you’re throat is as tight, get on your knees.” Following her commands I kneeled next to Cleopatra who 1st removed the condom & cleaner Nerfertiti’s dick with a wipe and paper towel. Initially sucking her dick. Nefertiti leaned down kissing Cleopatra & tugging on her nipples, breaking the kiss “hold his head in place if he moves. I want him crying & sniveling.” Nefertiti said.

I tried to corkscrew her dick, but eat time I used my hands, I got slapped so hard the light flickered. Opening my mouth I pulled her deep into my throat, fucking her dick with my throat & mouth. “Fuck! You little slut, you love this don’t you? Don’t?” Nefertiti yelled. Gagging & slobbering all over her balls and thighs, making eye contact periodically. I’d shake my head like a dog with a bone to her moans. Cleopatra whispered “What a good dick sucker, you are. Make your queen cum all down your throat. Serve the throne” while griping Nefertiti’s ball. “Fuck I’m cumming!” Nefertiti shouted holding me in place. She came so much, it came through my nose as I choked. Once my coughing and laughter subsided, we retired to a dungeon for another round.

– dreads

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Here’s the thing

So I just made dinner

I’m listening to this playlist I made for a word friend.

I’m all alone sipping on brown & light

Shirt off, boots on

Turned on

Talking to people to distant to satisfy my cravings.

I don’t want to fuck

I want to make sensual love.

This r&b is getting to me

In the best way.

These ballads

This drink

An all i can do is think

Who’s close to me

How can I see

Who’s actually interested in this energy.

I’m talking about good sex

Leave fuck at the door

Can I worship before you

Between your thighs

Will you bless me with a baptism

Can we get wet together

Come to me

Cum with me

– dreads

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the silly putty soldato

I’m getting tired of having to lay low its been over a month since Bri was found dead.  The police ruled it a suicide and left it at that, I mean they interviewed all of us kids at school who were close to her.  Her parents did come to house and ask if we had been having sex, luckily dad told them to go before I told them how much their precious daughter loved to have things shoved inside her.

**Observing the man at a coffee shop**

Dad has been working on this new case with Justice as he calls her. From what they are telling me I’ll get to do my thing again( I enjoy killing people and toying with their sense of self.)  The mark is a retired mafioso whose family was capitulated for some crime or offense that he can’t fix.

I’ve been slow playing this soldier for his entire a few weeks.  Once his family was destroyed, it was open season and I’m sure that we’re just the latest group to catch a contract on him.  Justice has been digging up all kinds of fun facts about him such as his issues with sitting near windows or the fact that he never takes the same route twice in a day.

I almost feel bad for the guy, looking up his past life, he had all the skills to make it as a top tier member. In his youth he had participated with a small crew of thieves as their muscle and worked his way up to the brains.  This crew got him the attention of the family.  His versatility made him a prime candidate for membership. The profile Justice worked up looks like a who’s who of crimes and capers.  After his retirement the family heads were taken out by a rival.  There were only a handful of contemporary  members left in the wake.  He is theorized to have killed at least 12 people in a variety of ways.  His lifestyle has made his cautious and to an extent paranoid.  Just last week I, witnessed him set a trap for a food delivery man.  The poor kid looked like a new person when he left covered in blood and bruises. This man will be hard to kill. Due to his paranoia I have to change my disguises and locals.

Yesterday, a three man team tried to grabbed him, just as I was about to act. He overpowered their big man with shots to his nerve groups and struck him in the throat repeatedly.  The ringleader pulled out a cattle prod & hit him with the juice. He jerked and started to cry only we all realized he was laughing. “Is this all you’ve got, Is this what I’m worth 3 small timers who can’t even kidnap a old man. Who hired you clowns?” He asked between bouts of laughter.

“Milan you old fool, he has big plans for you!” Cattle prod shouted back.

“Hmm Milan can make his own moves now, kinda proud of the grease ball. I really hope you schmucks are part of his crew.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had a shot at that stronzo.” He replied

“Don’t worry pops, you won’t get the shot-” Ringleader says interrupted by broken bottle to his throat. blood pours out of the spout.  The third man faints and our mark takes him away to what I can only assume to be a quiet place that he’ll fill with his screams.

Entering my home:

“Justice where are you?” Calling out.

“In the kitchen babe, how’s the old timer doing today?” Justice answers.

“He’s incredible he took out a 3 man team.  Disabling their big guy with few shots to the throat and head.  Killed the leader with a glass bottle.  The third guy, Mr. Cattle Prod fainted, like this was the first time he’d ever seen this kind of violence.  He must have been a monster in his prime.  How much is this contract for?”

“15 million alive, 10 mill dead with a very particular death sequence. Why getting cold feet?” Justice inquires

“Yes, I think he’s made me and he’s just showing off.  A bunch of teams have gone after this guy in the last few years and they’ve all come up missing. From the Wild Bunch to the Twins.  I take that back, they did find the grills the Twins wore hanging on a tree.  Either we need to give this up or just kill him.  Capture ain’t happening.”

“Dad, he’s just one old guy and we’re legion.” Daughter says

“Child we are 3, that’s it and all. He’s not-”

“Who’s knocking?” Justice ask

“IDK, but I’m going to check.” Daughter answers

He walks past daughter “I thought that was you face man, long time no see.” The old man says.  “You were the shylock’s kid, always using that smile and a kind word to get a little bit more than your share. Now you’re a P.I.” Looking around the room. “Cute kid, and a partner.  Now why would you take a contract on me kid, you know me & I know you.  You’re not a trigger man, that only leaves the kid.” He ponders

“That’s right old timer I’m the one who’ll do you” Daughter says raising her pistol.

“Child stop, his kill sequence is very precise and must be fulfilled.  If you shoot him the contract is null and we’ll have contracts put on us!” Justice shouts

“Yes Face that’s true. the third man was quite informative on the process and all of the parties who want me black bagged and zip tied.  I have a proposition for you.  Take me in alive and help me kill my would be killers.” the old man says.

“What happened to you, last thing I heard you’d taken over the family and had utterly decimated all of your rivals?” Face inquires.

“Well son, I was on top of the world and stepped away for the next generation.  Met a nice woman who wasn’t in the life settled down and heard that news.  The other families regrouped and destroyed my family.  The upper leadership was together for a meeting and they were brutally executed.  I found out today that it wasn’t the families I destroyed but a cartel.  They had stiffed to the tune of $200 million.  Idiots, I always kept us out of drugs. It’s a dirty business full of people who don’t respect the old rules.  These dogs removed all of their eyes, tongues, right hands and castrated them.  The Boss was found in the kitchen chained to a table and opened up like a cadaver.  These fucks actually did a autopsy while he was alive.  According to the choir boy, my name kept coming up as the mastermind behind this.  Not the feds who seized the shipments or stool pigeons who couldn’t do their time like men, BUT ME!!!” the old man screams.

“Crazy questions, please bear with me. Did you orchestrate all of this? Where is your wife? What happened to the choir boy? And why are you calling him “Face” ?” Justice rattled off.

“Were you not listening, NO I saw what heroin and coke did to the other families. 30yr sentences over a little powder.  I kept it out of the family no matter the cost.  She was killed by the Wild Bunch, she didn’t understand the stakes.  She thought it was a simple matter of explaining your innocence.  She tried to bargain for her life with those fools.  They sent me a video of them killing her, to her credit she stayed long enough for me to get to them and hold on to her as she died (wipes tears).  When he was a kid he was obsessed with ” The A-Team”  Face was the one he seemed to identify with.  As he grew into his looks “Face” became his moniker before that, who knows what we called him.” the old man replies.

“Whats your name old timer?” Daughter asks.

“For you child, Salvatore Firezzo or Mr. Fire.  What’s your name?” Salvatore ask

“Daughter” extending her hand to Salvatore.

“Really Face, “Daughter that’s the best you could come up with?” Salvatore jokes

“It’s the only thing she answers to” Face replies

“Good grip Daughter, what are you good at?” Salvatore asks

“I like hurting people, but I really love killing people.” Daughter replies with her eyes filling joy.

“How many people have you killed my dear child?” He questions

“One thus far” Daughter says sullen “But I hope to be like you and have a scores of kills to my name. ” She eagerly replies.

“Face have you taught her the classics yet or will she need a tutor?” Salvatore inquires.

“The Classics?” Justice answers quizzically.

“No, I haven’t taught  her how to use a garrote, lupara, ice pick or a baseball bat. She has shown a uncanny ability for machinations and making it look like a accident.” Face answers them both

“Ahh, a smart one. To make sure I have it right Face. The kid is the hitter, you’re obviously the representation, that leave this young lady as the brains.  Are you interested in helping me with my plans miss?” Salvatore fishes

“Miss Justice, what is your plan Salvatore? At this point we can subdue you and collect 15 million and not have to worry about cartel blow back.  What do you have to offer in the face of near unlimited opposition?” Justice retorts

“I can offer training to Daughter by way of the classics, whatever contacts I still have in the La Cosa Nostra, and 20 million dollars after the green light has been removed.” Salvatore retorts

“WHERE DID YOU GET 20 MILL, OLD MAN? Based off all the research I’ve done.  It’s not likely you touched that much in the totality of your career?” Face exclaims

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Rocks kid, (reaching in his pocket) rare minerals. Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires and my personal favorite Rubies.  This is about 3 million in my pocket, that’s definitely better than their offers.” Salvatore beams

“Don’t tell me a smart woman like you, believed the police now. In my the totality of my career I’ve probably made more money than most banks hold. Especially on illegal gambling and identity theft the family cleared $100 million easy with minimal time inside.  Hell at the time of my departure we were clearing at least $30 mill a year alone on the legal sports books.  I can’t understand why they got into drugs.  The money is good but the cost are to high” Salvatore laments.

“How do we get the green light lifted?” Justice ask

“Either get them their money, fake his death, we could kill the leadership of the cartel or try to get a rival faction to take in Salvatore.” Face responds

“Who would take you back into the fold and would be able to the cartel from taking you? Who is their biggest rival to set up a war? How would you go about this old man?” Face ask

“The only mobs outside of another fucking cartel are the Russian mobs, Sicilian mobs, and English mob.  Only the Sicilians have reached out to me about joining up only after dealing with the current problem.  The cartel have a few rivals but none of them are hitting close.  The only thing I know about leadership is that it’s a pair of sisters.  As far as rival’s the running joke is that their security arm is pushing to push for more control. Justice any ideas?” Salvatore asks

“Civil war is the best we can do, give them someone else to fight.  I’m thinking sow distrust and get out of dodge.  Get Daughters education started while Face and I start planning out your future.” Justice answers.

Salvatore takes Daughter to the side and begins explaining what a lupara and garrote are as well as their application.  “Face I’m going to grab the classics out of my car!” Salvatore yells

“Justice are you sure, this is a good idea?” Face questions.

“It’s not at all, We should sedate him and drop him to the contractor.  But I’m sure we’ll get more use out of him than his captors.  Best case scenario, we can cause some confusion with their local operatives and fake his death.  I have no desire to attempt a war with the cartel or their security branch.  As for him mentoring Daughter, that’s perfect neither of us are killers by choice and she could use some training.” Justice points out

“The kids a natural with garrote, she’ll be as good as Tommy and the bat she’s the next Mickey Mantle.  Were going out back to see her skills with the Lupara!” Salvatore excitedly yells

Shotgun blast start and stop with yelling

“Should we check on them, I know that you knew him when you were kids and what not, but I don’t know if I trust him with Daughter.  She’s not the best with strangers and he’s a killer” Justice inquires

“We shouldn’t trust him babe, he’s a snake who will always do anything in his power to look after self.  What’re the kill conditions?” Face says pulling out a rag & chlorophyll

“What’s that for?” Justice asks

“The safe bet, the conditions J, while Daughter has him distracted ” Face answers.

“He has to be beheaded with piano wire, shot in the knees and shoulders with a shotgun and all of his ribs have to be broken with a bat.  The entire thing has to be recorded from start to finish and he as to be dropped off at the 13th bus terminal.  It’s a lot to do, it will take a time to do and until just recently we couldn’t have caught him.  Why are you pouring that in the whiskey? ” Justice states

“It’s all he ever drinks, we’re going to subdue him & collect.  Call them back in for dinner and we’ll get this done, Daughter had the right idea.  Once he’s out it’s duck tape and chain.” Face answers gravely.

“Face, got anything to drink around here?” Salvatore asks

“Yeah, I’ve got a bottle of Park Lane just like the old days.” Faces answers pouring a glass.

taking the glass “Great setup you have here Face, good looking woman, quirky kid and your face is holding up.  Looking good kid. Saluti” Salvatore downs the glass asking for another.

“He’s starting to weave from 3 glasses of whiskey, that man is smart sometimes.” Justice thinks.  “Dinner is ready, are you eating with us Salvatore?”

“Suurrrreee I’ll eaattt with youse” Salvatore slurs slumping into a chair. “I don’t feel so good, Fa-” Salvatore’s head bounces off the table.

“Damn dad, what’s next the plastic room or are we just dropping him off?” Daughter asks.

“Justice handcuff him, Daughter go through his pockets, I’ll black bag em & start wrapping him in the plastic”

Daughter picks Salvatore clean: removing his watch, wallet, stones, rings and gold chain.  While Justice applies zip line cuffs to his wrist and shackles to ankles. Face wraps Salvatore in plastic like a caterpillar. “God he weighs more than he looks” Justice laments loading Salvatore in the van.

“I’m bringing my guns are yall bringing yours” Daughter asks tucking clips into her clothes.

The family dresses themselves in tactical gear under their clothes and extra clips.  “Hey, we got him.  We’ll be there in 20 minutes” Faces says to their contact.

“Wha what’s going on Face. FACE WHAT’S GOING ON?!? Hey kid let me go. One of you stronzos better tell me something!!!” Salvatore yells

“We’re taking you to the movie Sal.  The same movie you took my dad to all those years.  What Sal no snappy comeback?!” Face shouts

“Kid your dad was a snitch, I did it out of the respect I had for him.  The family leadership wanted to torture him via a open autopsy… Is that what this is all about kid, your lost childhood? Salvatore asks

Parking the car. “No Sal it’s all about the dollars.  Say goodbye Sal” Face says

“GOODBYE SAL!” The family says as Sal is pulled from the car.  A attendant comes over with a tablet “Type in ya number and we’ll transfer, thanks guy we’ll take it from here” He says as face give him the tablet back.

“We whole?’

“we sure are babe, lets get going” Justice answers

Pulling off they see Salvatore breaking free atacking his captors “Questo e per il mio amore!”  Salvatore shouts to a rain of shells.

“Where are we going next?” Daughter asks









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Kill it

Rolling my eyes in the back of my head I think, “What did I sign myself up for?”


Thinking back to when I saw you at the bar, in that long red gown and gold pumps, your locs cascaded down your shoulders I couldn’t help but to mirror you and send that drink over.  A raspberry coconut punch, your reaction lead to our interaction.  The time at the bar led us to your hotel room and thinking you’d be another conquest, I was not prepared for your libido.

We drunkenly removed each other clothes and our shoes were by the door.  Your dress on the chair my jacket and tie nearby, my shirt on the desk, your bra dangling off the TV, my boxer briefs on the floor. Once I got you down to your panties, you did a brief twirl, pulled me close and said to rip them off! I complied as the material disappeared as well as the meek look in your eyes.  I saw you shift into a predator, yanking me down by my hips, demanding I lay down and open my mouth.


In this moment, I know I need figure out what the hell this woman’s plan is.


I give you a perplexed look until you flip me over and grind against my mouth, opening my lips I lick and suck whatever I could reach. I grip your hips, attempting to relocate them so I can breathe.  You peel my hands off you as you smother me.


“Good boys get all the air they want. Make me happy!” you growl.


I feel your nails wrap around my shaft. I moan beneath you.  Your strokes cause me to jerk and tremble.  You slide down my body until you’re hovering right above my member.


“Are you a good boy?” you question.  Opening my mouth to answer you stick two fingers inside my mouth, painfully slow.


Once I’m inside, you bring your mouth near my ear and tell me, “You’re going to fuck me slowly at my pace. If you attempt to speed up or buck your hips I’ll choke you with my fingers. Nod if you understand me.”


I nod.


“If you’re a good boy, I’ll reward you by allowing you to cum. Nod if you understand me.”
I nod again.


“Good. Now that we’re on the same page, rock your hips slowly and do exactly as I say,” you command.


Your pacing is slow and deliberate. As I try to speed up or go harder you choke me with your long digits.  Surprising myself by how much I love you choking, pinching and scratching me, you started to pick up momentum.


“That’s it! Don’t you fucking move! Stay right like this!” you shout.


My eyes are rolling like I’m on all of the drugs and moan loudly. Removing your wet fingers you grip my chest for balance.  I moan ‘I’m going to cum’ while you respond with a slap and quick “NO! YOU’RE NOT!” as you continue your pace. Writhing beneath you and whimpering for release, suddenly you hop off of my penis and soak my face. You’re vigorously fucking my face and rubbing your clit.  Covering my face and linens in your cum, ‘Thank you’ is all I say while drinking your cum.


“What a good boy you are” you say as you slide off me. “And good boys get to cum,” you sing as you wrap your fingers around my throbbing member.


Feeling like I’m going to explode at any moment as you continue stroking me, you request “You’re such a good boy, cum for me.”  I begin cumming in your hands as your stroking intensifies. Crying and cumming is a new experience for me.


“It’s okay, I’ve got you.  It’s going to be alright. The first time is always different,” you say as you pull me close to you.


Thanking you, I fall asleep in your arms.


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