Scream it pt 2

In this room of faces I know, no one knows me I move like a shadow too & fro. I ask if you see me to which you don’t reply. I see all the black clothes & I see you in white mourning my loss.

You have a picture up with no casket. No body & no charges. You all believe I ran away to never be seen or heard from again.

I see you looking at my cousin complimenting her setting a date at my funeral. She says yes!, it’s incredulous that you both can think of food & sex at a time like this.

My niece keeps looking at me & waves she’s just a baby. The voice said kids & animals will acknowledge me & a minute number of adults. The voice said to punish you & you alone lest I risk eternal torment upon completion of my mission.

I’ve been watching you for what feels like weeks as you date my cousin, best friend, sister, you even slept with my mother. I see you looking in them trying to find me. You’re recreating our dates minus the violence. It’s almost boring until you go to work.

I thought you were a business exec not a capo for a family. You make more sense now as I reflect on you. Your violent tendencies coupled with a need to make it. When we were together you were just a button man but after my death you got the push upward. I saw you celebrate with my cousin regifting her my pearls & fucking her your car.

I see you to marry & feel jealous unable to hurt you both. You have a daughter and name her after me. I’m watching you live joyously in complete silence. You’re becoming a family man with her, professionally your star continues to rise.

You were short listed to become boss. You’re a “earner” who has a no nonsense approach to business & you’re a family man. The powers that be in your world deem you to be worthy of a crown to rule a piece of the city.

Your daughter is using & I think I’ve found a in to finally avenge my loss. Her habit gets her arrested. She’s looking at a decade inside where you can’t help her. My cousin begs you to save your baby I loom overheard whispering what she refuses to acknowledge. You’re a criminal, a killer, & her life was easier before you asked her out. You get angry showing her the man I remember. The blows to her body begin your descent.

My cousins visits your daughter telling her to be strong & she loves her. She left you after your daughter is found dead. I whispered in her ears that she’d never do 10 years & that you were ashamed of her. She bought a hot shot & did the rest.

My cousin is divorcing you after burying her baby. You’ve been drinking more, hitting her more & loving her less.

You have a mistress that unbeknownst to you is a cop. A cop who can hear & see me. In bed you dominate her but in life she’s chipping away at your crown.

Your capo’s are watching you flail & get permission to remove you as head. There’s a new candidate for the spotlight. You don’t notice the change until it’s a birthday at a bar you’ve never been to. I’m there watching you. The pistol is to the back of your head as you talk, you see me standing as it all goes black. Your light dims.

The voice returns, reminding me of my deal. Showing me the pain I caused sacrificing your daughter. I accept bliss this time.

The voice judges you. I hear you scream my name while you descend.


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Scream it

Laying here in the trunk of your car wondering how it got so far

Just last night we had a fight after I laughed at your risotto. Turning away from you I didn’t see you grab the pan only feeling the impact to my cranium. Hitting the counter attempting to stand before find the floor. I think you kicked me but who’d know. The room is getting dark, I’m feeling fuzzy.

Next thing I know you’re dragging me out the room by my legs, I’m thinking you’re taking me to bed, instead I’m outside in your plastic wrapped trunk. It’s cold back here, I can’t feel my hands or feet. Did you tie me up? Where are we going? Is that salt water I smell?

You open the trunk looking at me with anguish asking why did I make you do this? Why couldn’t I just be quiet an eat? As you wrap me in metal mesh? You’re wearing heavy leather gloves saying you didn’t want this for me. Plastic is what you incase me in next, hearing the duct tape wondering what you’re doing. You lift me up saying if only I survived when it matter. I try to scream but can’t find my voice. I see me falling into the water below. Watching you put the supplies in your trunk. Wondering if I’m drunk or sleep as you drive away & my body sinks from sight. A bright light is the next thing I see.

I scream only to hear a voice tell me judgement awaits. That tonight I sealed my fate. Tonight I chose freedom over fear. Now I have a choice eternal peace with other freedom fighters or mid anguish with you until I drive you to your own moment like this.

Looking at the wet spot on the ground seeing my last physical remnants I scream VENGEANCE!!!!!!!


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You see this man next to me & his kid in the backseat. They’re my family & they’re all that matters. He’s a confidence man & she does wet work while I’m the glue or at least I like to think so.

I met them after his wife was killed. He was coping like a man in pain by plying his trade & sleeping with whomever he could to flush his memories of her.

I saw him in a lounge I was working at the time & he was fleecing this oil magnate. It was exciting watching him manipulate the man. He took everything & gave his mark nothing but memories of a drunken dance & make out session. As he left I trailed him, or thought I was until I lost him on a dark street. As I walked down, he snatched me up in the darkness. Pressing me against a chain link fence, I spill all of the beans before he ask any questions. It went like,

I saw you in the bar working that guy & got jealous since he was all over you & that’s where I wanted to be until I caught on to you hustling him & then I knew I had to meet you if only to say your so fucking hot when you work a person. I want to work with you, I’m a private eye whose single & looking for a partner. ( pun intended ). Fishing out my wallet I show him my p.i. i.d. & he releases me asking if I’m serious?

I’m very serious & if we can get this well lit diner a block down we can talk about our partnership over burgers, eggs & coffee.

This was 6 months ago. In this time he’s helped me crack a dozen cases all while working on his own.

I put it together after we started working for this lawyer who wants to catch his wayward wife. It’s perfect for us as he’s able to dust off his skills, I’m able to gather evidence for the client with impunity, his daughter even made a friend & turned her out. What I didn’t know was he’d instructed his daughter to go after this girl, he told her she was responsible for the loss of his wife.

His teachings came to fruition as we led the lecherous wife to her husband soon to be ex-husband with enough video & audio evidence to destroy her thin hold on his holdings.

We reunite In the car before his daughter calls & I’m so glad to have him back all to myself after this job. We pick up his daughter who jumps in the back. I ask how her evening went & she said it was all she’d ever wanted & more, her exact word was closure.

As we drove into the night she asked what kind of family we are? He responded that we’re best kind. A king of gaining confidence in himself, a masterful sleuth in me, and a essential tip of the spear in her.

We’re here working our cases together. Here I’ll tell you how we came to be Maverick inc.


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What can I do

See in this race to better you ain’t me. You’re desire ain’t mine.

My 1st mind is devour knowledge, consume it & act with it. I’m a hustler working on getting more.

I don’t want it but a bit more than you.

You’re a hype, a car thief, you ain’t no hustler just a hatrack for real ones. Get the out way & watch this grind.

You’re never on my mind but I stay on yours. I’m on my grind & you stay falling behind.

What more can I say, you’re a disgrace.


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I’m at a friend’s house, my dad dropped me off for a sleepover I’m 16 these kinds of things are arbitrary. I agreed to go because since mom died dad’s been dealing with this woman who he says I’ll meet someday.

tonight’s not about him, but Bri. She’s both been such a big help & they didn’t even know it. She took me in when, I 1st started school thinking that I was some nerdy loner who needed protection from the mean girls. We’d eat lunch together & go to the mall, just regular teenager stuff until the back to school formal.

Our dates stood us up & she took me instead. I didn’t ask where she got the suit from or why it fit so well. That night was magical, she drove to. A deserted field after the dance & we made out. She was leading until we were naked & learned that Bri was not as she presented herself to be. In lieu of a vagina she had a penis & testis.

I let her inside me on the condition I could be inside her. She only lasted for a few minutes before spreading herself on the back seat. Reaching in my purse I removed some items from my bag.

Looking up at me Bri realized I was playing innocent. Now it’s too late: she’s naked, aroused & at my mercy. Using my mascara and lipstick tube I drain her of all bodily fluid. She screamed herself hoarse.

I had her now. She was my very own pet. This slumber party is just a cover to live out her fantasy. She wants to try eroticasphxia & I promised her a good time.

I go to her room & start looking around for a sturdy beam. Her bed has a canopy with iron bars. It’s perfect as I tie the noose. I don’t hear her enter I’m to busy pulling out clothes pins, a banana, electric toothbrush, and gag. She stares at the items biting her lip asking what I’ll do to her. Smiling I say strip & lay down. I gag her after sliding the banana inside her. She twitches when the clothes pens are attached to her nipples & naughty bits. Slipping her head through the noose I attach the toothbrush to the banana & turn it on. The vibrations cause her to groan. Tightening the noose as she loses herself in the pleasure. She not noticing the velcro straps around her ankles or wrist. Just as she climaxes, I punch Bri’s genitals her eyes pop open & she sees me for the first time. She starts to struggle with her bonds as the noose tightens. Asking if she remembers me now? The tears in her eyes answer my question. The rope is chafing her neck & a few drops of blood appear. I told you I’d find you & make you pay for my mother’s death. You Bri claimed she attacked you & you had no choice, but here’s what you didn’t know there’s a recording of you torturing her. The banana, rope, & oh yeah the razor blade. She starts to scream into the gag as I run my blade on her testis.

I take her gag off since the noose is quite tight. Knowing she can’t scream I began to kiss & punch her body. Bri sobs as much as she can begging for forgiveness saying she didn’t mean to, stroking her hair I tell her it’s okay pushing her off the bed & killing her.

It’s nothing personal I say as she dies. My phone rings & it’s just my dad asking if I’m ready to go cause he’s outside. Looking at Bri’s lifeless body I walk out of her room.

I don’t see anyone else around as I get in the car. My dad asks if I had fun with my friend & I tell him it was good till the end as he pulls off. -dreads

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About last night

You came by unannounced.

Lucky for you my kid’s at a sleepover, you wanna sleepover.

Looking over my shoulder you watch me cook dinner: meat & greens.

The music reverberates across the walls. You hug me asking if we’ll ever go out like other couple.

I touch your hand &kiss your ring. We’re not other couples I remind you. We’re not even a couple, you’re married & I’m a widowed father. Our reality only exist in stolen moments. Does he even ask anymore?

You want to know who’s toothbrush this is? Questioning me the man you have no claim to. I remind you that I’m free to date. You spit on the brush & claim me.

Laughing, plating the food. We take our place for this charade. Eating, drinking, flirting until my phone rings. I pull back stepping out, it’s my kid wishing me a good night & saying they love me. I say it back.

Coming around the corner with your glass you observe me. I hang up & clear the table. We put up the food & stack the dishes.

Sitting on the couch putting on a movie I settle in. You head to my bedroom asking about my sheets. I think it’s time for you to go, I’m going to bed soon.

You said you came to be with me. But I know you came here to get away from responsibility. You kiss me, caressing my body. Breaking away telling you that we can hang out but I’m not sleeping with you.

You’re not pleased sharing your barbs as if insults will me with desire to fill you. I walk to the door & tell you your choices. You grab your bag & say I’ll regret this, I remind you to drive safe. Opening my door finding a figure before me.

Before I inquire there’s a flash & boom flinging you into the wall. Seeing you lifeless brings me joy. The figure steps in the light.

Hugging & kissing them we bind you. Taking your keys put you in the trunk. They drive your car & I my own. We go to your house.

Your husband knew all along, he just needed proof. So he hired us, to make it happen. He wants out without having to pay you alimony or spouse support. Enter me & my tale of losing my wife who was my life while raising a teenager. You fell for it & now it’s over.

Taking you inside to your husband & the new you. I put you in a chair, my lover collects our final fee. I’m telling you all this to ease your fear.

Walking out I hear you scream. We hop in the car pulling away. I glance to seeing you pulled down the hall gagged & bound.


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I’ve got a temper like a volcano. 

I know that to be a absolute true. 

If you don’t want to engage me after I’ve annoyed you that’s fair. 

It’s your right to freeze me out. 

I’m sure I’ll give you time,  but in this moment I’ve tried talking to you & failed. 

I’m pissed about a bunch of shit you did, I kept to myself. 

I’m a loner who can days to weeks without talking, can you?

If starved for attention how will you react? 

Let’s see

– dreads

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