dear mom


I have one

do you?

mine asks alot of questions.

she wants to know everything

so i tell her some things

that might affect her.

yes I pick and choose

what she should know,

I don’t think she needs to know all

that I do.

I’ve done alot.

as a kid the rules were simple

  1. no matter what you do don’t get caught
  2. don’t get caught in a lie
  3. don’t bring trouble to your front door
  4. speak clearly
  5. seperate your life into its own segments
  6. dress nicely
  7. be respectful at all times
  8. be mindful of social norms
  9. don’t be afraid to fight

the rules are not hard to follow

as an adult

the rules have been changed.

I love my mom

i don’t think she believes me.

i trust her,

more than most.

i know she does not believe that.

she is a good person

one of the best i know


she is just as

evil as me

if not more.

i love her

i hate her

the feelings are conflicting

the thoughts constanly change.

they say every boy marries his mother.

I don’t know if

I could do that.

she is a good person

but a vindictive


conniving one.

she is strong


relatively loyal.

she is a mother

a teacher

a fighter

a coach

a confidental informant.

she is my mother

i hate her

i love her


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