anger-rage fire-inferno violence-overkill

don’t sit a sip on another man hooch

an be a loud incisederant mooch.

if you talk to me

show respect

your not the man to challenge me

you can’t stop me

nor control me.

alocohol is not a one way pass

to being an ass.

to long I’ve given you a pass

if this shit happens,

i’m whoopin your ass.

i don’t care if we have then

4 weeks of class.

your priveldge is great

you think it will protect you from

my fist and feet.

i’m trying my best not

turn you into bloody meat. 

my disadvatage makes me guitly before a trial of your peers

they’ll give me at least 5yrs

just for bringing you to tears

an validating their fears.

in all my years

I have never felt the need to

thrash an bash

another being that claims to be man

i don’t respect you

you’re not to be feared.

you let your race set

the pace

and refuse to acknowedge

my right to live free.

I live free an you are

not the person

to break or tame me.

as I stoke my flames

I examine our frames

an see

a  major difference.

i’m a giant all the way around

you’re built like

a chalky refugee

skinny as a rail and bone.

If hannibal Lecter ate you

he’d die from starvation.

you 1 man from an unknown nation

its clear you’re a punk

all teeth and gums

and no action.

your reckless language

is a easy way to

catch a package of whoop ass.

but you’re not worth

my anger

my energy

or 5 min, 5 days, 5 yrs

of my life.

as i calm down

I feel myself lose my frown

and realize the time has come

to chill out or have some fun…

I still plan to beat you down

and wear your face like a clown

at the Lecter show.


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