fresh threads

fresh threads

its finally summer

time for fresher gear.

crisp lines suits

bright colored tee’s

and new shoes.

my dreads are tight

burning the midnite lights

going to parties


and sunny rays.

my gear is crisp and fresh

for a big man

I can dress

any colors match my hue

especially when i’m stylin my due.

summer days

bring winter nites as i chill

with the human lights

in their black tights

sippin gatorade on the rocks

as i rock my locks.

linen suits makes

summertime fresh

in my young mind

as i turn down

grass and hash.

its all about clean air and under control

sippin a virgin mojito

is the look.

in my fresh threads

i know how to turn heads


stacey adams

and chuck

are the names of my new freinds

the add to my name

and excentuate my frame.

fresh for 2011

fresh threads

hot days

cool waters

nice whips

stunting all the time

since summer is mine

established back in ’99.

fresh threads

tight dreads

laced kicks

and my fresh threads




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