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lies alive

telling lies until they become true the most dangerous thing to do live your lies like the air you breathe worry not about the ramifications of your false trials and tribulations lies and truth intermingle as you seek praise from … Continue reading

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good life

riding the night train endorphins riding my brain joyful moments hit my mind like eggs to windows smile smile blush. good days outweigh lack of sleep happiness meets joy oh boy smile joy dance -dreads

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angel in my window brightens my day drives anger and sadness away. brings a flaming sword a shiny shield deflecting life missles her wings carry me to walls unassailable weary of life’s fight a solitary sanctuary for me peace and … Continue reading

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Courage vs fear

Afraid of failure not success Fearful of lack of money Almost 22 yrs old And not being bold My fears eat me up Some days Gone are the carefree Clairvoyant days Moneys never grown on trees Only from sweat Does … Continue reading

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a day in the life

back at it again counting losses losing friends watching my ends. they don’t meet broke as a joke thats not been told yet poor college student not what I aimed to be. the winter can’t come fast enough need a … Continue reading

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I want to scream I wish to do Things I’m not supposed to do I want to fight I want to drink I want more. Im tired of this Tired of working hard Tired of trying Tired tired tired. – … Continue reading

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losing this male space to a constant female face is insulting to say the least. I’m thrilled for my brother happy he has finally found another to be around. i’m tired of seeing her she’s here when I go to … Continue reading

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I’m Over It!

Thank God I’m not a spur of the moment kind of man If so I’d have no friends in a fit of rage They’d all be gone empty life no wife death row cell on my way to hell forgiveness … Continue reading

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carnal behavior in the first

so basiclly Imma bring my dick you bring ya clit an someone is gonna bust their shit. Imma hit it like i can’t miss they say poetry is dead girl shut up come suck my little head real talk lets … Continue reading

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Feasibility stupidity

My attraction Dwindles by the second As your lack of imaginAtion Cost us time we don’t own Attempting creation over mobiles Texting figures “losing” your phone for hourly Stretches. I wonder Who said it was supposed to be easy Not … Continue reading

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