No friend of mine

I need new friends
Maybe I need my own race
Tired of being the only colored face
In my crew.
The authority on all things black
The butt of jokes said
Racial remarks
Tearing at my heart.
Trying not to be sensitive
To the ribbing
Not give in for their satisfaction
And these are my friends
Poking fun of my race
My speech
My home and city.
Dropping such pearls
“it’s only racist to think it,
Saying it aloud dispels it”
” officer it was a joke I know that
Black man, he’s my friend”
Forgive me if I don’t laugh
Putting me here
On the ground unable to explain
That we do know each other.
I need new friends
My old ones aight working
Crib buddies
I need them back.
These new kids
Ain’t shit
This koombai yah
We are the world
Isn’t working for me.
No love in this city that’s
Been made clear to me.
No more of this
The laughs at my expense
The cracks or distrust
No more friends
Who take aim at me
Treat me like an enemy.
Poking fun at me
When they need to buildup
No more taunts.
I need friends
Who actually like me
Want me around
I thought I’d found them
Until now.
people who would respect me
Not diss me,
People who don’t put you in corners
But encourage you,
Not to be set up
But look out for,
These friends
The worst kind
Attacking not my body
But my mind
They must go,
But will I have to be alone?

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