behind these walls

you find the most interesting people
in prison.
un-sung poets
who speak truths
we can’t fathom
artist with
the human canvas.
diamonds in the ruff
men condememned for their crimes
lost chances
lost promise
lost power
is found within
those walls.
the curer of cancer
they’re all here
in captivity.
the unknown geniuses
the craftiest lawyers
the tested generals
all locked inside these walls.
behind these walls
are the lost men
of the ages
business minds unparreled
orators unrivaled
poet laureates
unknown to the world.
behind these walls
lie lost souls
needing to be found

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2 Responses to behind these walls

  1. Dave says:

    I didn’t meet the most interesting people in prison. You must have been at a better joint than I was at, cause I could hardly stand most of the dudes I was locked up with for eight years.
    Keep writing. I’ve read some of the pieces you have posted here and you definitely have the fire.

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