Fuck you right

You’ve got my attention
Thinking about you in the best way
Wanting you In the worst,
Missing your skin.
I’m so frustrated
Wanting to make a friend
Even if just for tonight
I don’t want to holler an fight
I just want to fuck you right.
I’ve been pent up
Life’s got bent up,
I know I’ve been busy
All I want right now
Is to fuck you tonight
Fuck you right.
Take my mind baby
Put it to work,
Don’t worry about work
You’re my job
If not before
Then now you are
Use me
Direct me
Tell me what you
Want me to do
To fuck
But not an fuck
An extraordinary fuck.
I’m a fan
When you scratch me
The bitting is hot too,
But. Tonight it’s not for me
It’s for you,
Tonight I’m fucking you right.
Usually we make love
Gentle action for a gentle person
no caressing
No sweet nothing’s in our ears
I want to hear
Commands not suggestions
Don’t ask nor whisper
Scream, if not then
Then now.
I want our smell to permeate the room
I want your taste between my teeth
Going down my throat,
I need a coat on my skin
Cause tonight I’m fucking you right.
I’ve been busy, that’s no lie
But tonight tonight
I’m not stopping until you make me
I’m doing all you ask of me,
Tonight all of me is yours
You’re in control
I’m yours too command.
I want you to run me ragged
Like I do you,
Long as I fuck you right,
From now to then
From when we start till
You end.
I just wanted my friend
To have an to hold
To bend
To fold
To kiss, suckle, tickle.
To nourish an satisfy
Cause tonight
I’m fucking you right.

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