23 to life

You get a bad rap
Your strength
Your power
All hang on your fragility
One small crack is all you take
All you need
To unleash hell upon me.
You’ve been with me all my years
I’ve yearned for you
Fought for you
Used you for rocket fuel
As a flotation device
As nutrients.
I’ve made your strength mine
Adopted your fierceness
Found how to protect you
Keep your fragility intact.
But you don’t care
No matter what I do
It’s never enough
No matter what I do
I’m always chasing you
I don’t get to enjoy you
You break
I break
You’re always fleeing
Not from me, from others.
But you make me tick
You make me want to fight for us
You inspire me to live how you do
You’re free
Always young
You’re the first lion I saw.
I’ll follow you till my dying day
Until I find
Stronger/better/happier/sweeter/wiser than you,
Our journey is the kind of thing
Our relationship is one of the all time greats
For now Love
Is all we have

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