what i don’t say

My pride won’t let me admit
I miss you
that life is harder when you’re not here
I know I can go it alone
I hate that I make it so
i’m sure if I told you
you come thru.
but i’m not telling you
that I miss you
i’m not going to say
it never that.
i’d rather pretend to be alright than admit it
I know to my own self
I miss you
an how this
would be easier if I were with you
but my pride
my stupidity won’t let me say it
the words I don’t say
are the words
that’ll kill me.
believe me when I say
i’m strong enough to go it alone
just don’t let me
be smarter for me
forget my pride
forget my claims of superhumanity
i’m just what you see
a man who is alone
feeling the lonely.

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