Who am I
I guees the secret is out
I’m only loyal to me>
ive had an old alliance book
but here’s whats new I’m only here for the green
Not blood
Not friends
Im here for the dough
The cash has never lied
Only encouraged.
If this shit gets deeper then I just won’t play
If money is what we can get
Then that’s it.
Cash out
Lets get it an go
Blood+ friends fuck that
Lets get this money an be out
If you wanna switch the book out
Cool I don’t need nobody
Lets get this money an see
What happens to the rest
My alliegiance has always been blood
Always the closest too me,
But it don’t pay to
Make moves with others
Friendship an loyalty wont hold us together
Lets give greed a shot
I’d rather a piece of a lot
Then all of nothing.
I’m ready for this shit
I’ve known it was coming at all times its been there
It was never going to work
We all knew it was limited to balance
Since we cant lets part
Before we shed blood
Either way suits me
I like blood whether its yours or mine,
Its usually mine.
back in the trenches I get to go
thank you for that
if it pans out we’ll be good for life
if not then its back to the drawing board.
i’m back to being stressed
just more irritable
I don’t know who to trust
there is no team us
there never was or will be
it’s team you
team me
team greed
that who we all play for.
i’d rather be team greed and get this paper
but that’s not the play
cut the weight if need be
if its me
I know you cut me
if its you
i’m cutting you.
but choose right if you cut wrong
know that it won’t be what it is
ever again.
we have to be honest to live
but if you lie to me again
i’ll bury you in a deep grave.
fuck it lets get this money

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