Listen here

Wasting time listening to you
Choking back crocodile tears
Your fake emotions 
Alienate my real ones
Your disdain an blatant disrespect 
Don’t encourage me to treat anyone well
You included.
Monkey see 
Monkey do
I see you 
Watch you
Listen to you
Pledge to not be you
But I’m me
For better or worse 
I have to carry around my curse
Headphones don’t shield this 
Your drama gets on me 
Like blood from an open wound
A wound you know is there
Blood infected
Spreading your drama an dread
Is all you seem to do
I don’t get to be loved
Instead I have to hear your shit
Crying about your broken dollhouse 
A hammer sitting next to you
Splinters in your hands
Fragments in your hair
Crying about other people 
It was them 
No not you
Never that
No putting you yo task
No responsibility to claim
It’s all his fault 
It’s utterly not you but everyone else.
I’m tired of it all
Tired of you blaming people
Grow up
Step up
Raise your hand up
“It was me”
Take the reins
An be the woman I used to Think you were

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