Absentee father
Single busy mother
Latch keys before I could drive
Cooking alone
Flying alone
Living in media
Had me feeling like an orphan.
Whether it was the cell phone
The b-ball games
The new beau
The distance
The fear
Nothing or no one asked the kid
I was to see if he had
The attention needed
Whether it was the car rides
In silence
Taking the top lock off the door
Listening to broken promises of birthdays an holidays past
Trying to catch up to a
Childhood deffered
No daddy
Nor mommy
Just two people who made me.
Loved but uncared for
Invested in but still my price fell
Called many things by many people
Violence & pain
Raised me
They were my parents.
Anger has kept me fed
Vindictiveness taught me
Fear keeps me tight
Of love.
Absentee father
Lost mother
Me lost me
Just a lost boy
Growing to a confused man
Wishing to find my papers
Meet my real family
The people who actually
Loved me
Looked for me
But got lost on the way home

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