Here you are embedded in me
Pulling me
Holding sway
Using words an actions
To control me
“8 outta 10 I destroy”
Using your brain to beat mine
Wants me to think through things more an more hmm you might have a point…
But the hook is there
Tugging my lonely
Pulling my fear of abandonment
You know what you do
Calling me unhealthy
But you’re special cause your broken
I don’t want that
These pays…
Pyro as you say.
Not all traps are bad
Using peep to show off
Feeding on my lust
Hooks on my genitalia
Tugging me around
To your view
Those sad eyes
Playing on what’s last of my sympathy
Taking energy
In ways I wonder about
Like if I should drive this hummer or ride a bike.
I’m afraid not confused
Not unless I should be. …
Hard learner
Not a brick but the wall
Has to fall before I notice
Chirp chirp chirp
“He’s emotional, being raised by women an no man to squash it”
Hmm pulling a older hook
Reaching deep
Not inner circle
Outer shell deep tugging mistrust
Calling it help
Making statements about the unknown
But here we are again
You tug
I move
Hooks setting deeper
Flesh tearing looking for a way away…
Old rusty hook in my heart mind an psyche
Your hooks run everywhere
Like roots for trees
Pulling them free
Healing slow
Moving away from your pain
Intention of hurting me
Use enticing “reward”
To get my actions
On your agenda
Pulling me
I’m hooked in by many people
They to me

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