Sitting here

Sitting here with a
Hard dick an bad intentions
Thinking about fucking someone
wanting that someone to be you
Forgetting the car ride
Negating the flight.
Trying to
Hide to hide
How horny I am,
Fantasizing about our sex
Tasting you on my lips
Hearing you scream
Does nothing for me.
Masturbating is worse than sleep deprivation
Missing keeping you up
Emotion overshadowed by energy
Fidelity made possible by practice
Insane schedule does it’s part to keep me.
Missing you
Sitting here with a hard dick
Bad intentions
Old numbers from old lovers
Offers from the unclaimed roll in
Rejecting applications for side chicks.
Missing you more each night
Dreading having to put you in flight
Back to whence you came
Knowing it’s good for us
Knowing the distance
The celibacy keeps us fresh
The unknown known is a plus
I need the rush
I need you
Sitting here with bad intentions
An irritation

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