the fall

how much betrayal can be withstood
how do you take it in stride
how do you say to me
that we sold your future
for our present.
not only am I hurting,
but the 30-45 people who depends
on these doors being open
to pay their own bills.
whose to say that they will bounce back
the winter is starting as we speak
it’s getting cold
the cold brings pain
hard to find work for the unskilled
hard to secure it for the unseasoned.
broken trust is what you’ve shown
a false hope is all you have to offer
a lie you told
transforming into today.
world weary from interactions with snakes and serpents
unnaturally tired from a losing fight
pushing back against a crushing set of walls.
the will to continue forward is all i have left
the desire to win
is all left of my will
to fight once more
for what i need an want
once more.
the descent has begun
as we descend
as we fall
the lights won’t be as blinding as from the top
they will remain
dimmer than before to remind us
that we still walk in the light
we are still walking.

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