You got me fucked up

See what you not goin do
Is  get me confused with someone who will take your shit
Let me tell you sis
You will not fuck with me
Your bullshit is not my problem
You’re problems are not my responsibility.
I’m here for me an mine
You’re neither
All you do is fuck up
You got me fucked up.
This life
This game
Is made to be played
I’m not here for you.
Not here for this
Look left
Look right
Look up
Look down
Now let see where you got me
Fucked up.
You’re just not it
Kiss my taint
By girl

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2 Responses to You got me fucked up

  1. Well you can’t be more blunt than this, telling it like it is I suppose.

  2. I.S. Jones says:

    If you haven’t already, please listen to “You gon get this work” by Jasmine Mans & “fuck I look like” by kai davis. This poem is definitely spoken word piece because it echoes the relaxed vernacular of the common man. What are going to want to be careful about is the difference between a a rant and a poem. Good work so far!

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