Confession of a cop

Yea I did it
Snatched his life
Faster than he blinked
I told him hands up
He reached
Reached for something
I reached out an took his life.

So you’re screaming I’m a  murder
Me a murder
I’m a protector
A servant of the public
He was  reaching for something.

Yea I slammed him to the ground 
I was subduing him
His screams
Fell on death ears
Like he fell to the ground.

He’s a student
Getting a education
I gave him one
His blood on the streets
Clearer to read than words in his books.
I’m here to protect
I’m here to defend
My community from your presence.
You don’t belong here,
My rules to enforce
My choices
End your existence.

Listen to what I say
Before you become
Sean bell
Mike brown
Emmitt till
Trayvon Martin
On the street
Left to bleed out
Lost to annals of time.

Your status will not
Help nor save you
We killed Christ
What chance do you have.
We kill you
Get blue protection
Live free an proud
I’m a  hero
You’re a thug.
Free to live
Killing at will
I’m everywhere you go
Always watching you
– dreads

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