Indomitable tenacity

Live life hardcore
I can’t be shit else but real
“We can all die together ”
“We can go out the way we came in, screaming and covered in blood”
I’m still afraid of the  uncertain future
The cause of fear
These fools near me
These fools who try to botch me.

I’m going out like I came in…awake an active
There is no fear in my voice
My hands won’t shake
Not likely I’ll back down
You’re not worth the 20yrs I’ll spend in jail for your death.

I’m not going soft
I’m getting worse than that
Shifting from stone to steel
My emotions more fine tuned
Showing mercy like a cruel smile
It’s the joke none other gets
Words have double entendre at all time
Each compliment is a veiled insult
Laser precise in finding your insecurities
Honed on targets
Soft an hard
Years upon days of deep pain
Bore me anew
Than my natural birthday.

Both times blood was present
Both times I was alone in my choice
But this time
I Didn’t cry
This time it was dark
This time I spoke and asked you
If fear was here
I told you respect and honor are the parents
But I’m a advocate for violence
A dark prince for pain
A uncrowned king of vengeance
I’m here to remind you
Of the resurgence
Of me.

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