Dear bullies

To the people who want to threaten my well being.

Please understand why I don’t touch you or respond to your threats.  My future is more important to me than than this moment in time. 

Please keep your hands to yourself, but please touch me.  I want to show you  pain. I want to show the consequence that comes from attacking another.

Please do not mistake calm voice an neutral tones for being docile. That’s professionalism, my desire not to unemployed along with you. 

Please do not misread my actions of not engaging as a show of fear.  I want more than you know to show you how shin connects to your groin that connects to nose an further up your eyes. 

I want to show you how  to carry yourself like the man you claim so loud to be. When you don’t get What you want your back to being a real street nigga. Believing that status will change someone’s mind.  That cry of being real is all I can here when I call the police, saying that I a man is being attacked by a nigga.

Dear bully
I hope you meet a man to show you how you can be one. If not meet another like you,  hopefully after either there will be one less nigga but one more man.
Many blessings bully


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1 Response to Dear bullies

  1. Nice post and very true

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