Skin hair pride

When will my body be deemed
When will my hair be
I’m a 6 foot 5 inch man
With light brown skin, I’m the complexion of brown sugar.
Only celebrated when some soul lighter than me sits in the sun or a tanning bed is it beautiful.
I’m a big man with arms bigger than some legs
Legs bigger than some waist
Made to feel a disgrace
Since I’m imperfect in the fact that I have body fat.
There’s wiggle and little jiggle over top of powerful muscles.
Muscle built in the field
Tending plant life
Muscle made pumping iron
Muscle made making love
Muscles adorn me as does fat.
When I look for men who look like me
We are jokes
Not celebrated in our power
We are ads of shame
To adorn the television sets of the world.
We are singled out by our smaller counterparts for our beauty.
Rarely do you see a man like me uplifted as he is
Instead he’s slammed to the  ground
By those who misunderstand
The power in my limbs
The beauty of my skin
The perseverance it takes to walk the line.
Knowing the whole time
That it is fine to be what you don’t see.
You look at me and see a outline I should fit.
You think I should have a fade on my head
A chiseled physique that only consumes red meat
Skin smooth, perfect not a threatening hue.
You think I should sing and dance
Not be aggressive or have anything to say that upsets you. 
You want me to do in a way to glorify you.
You want a fairy tale where I’m not me but what you want to  see.
I’m here to say this is re-al-lee-ty
And I’m gonna be who I want to be
I know you don’t like it.
I know you want to force assimilation
You want me to be in your image
a prop in your background
Not to be my own foreground
Not I.
I will not bow to your enforcement of your will
Nor will I be subjected to ill treatment by your agents of dissent
Your doctor’s
Your law officers
Your educators or administrators.
Your tools of oppression
Used to create your weapons of mass destruction:
Self doubt
You don’t want confidence or dynamic living
Self hate
If we love us you can’t have us kill each us
You hate when we know better
You want us to have limited options to make us easier targets for you
Tribalism based off of difference
You don’t want us united at any point or to find unity. When we do you sent your tools in to destroy our institutions.
No longer will I listen to your lies
Of what attractive looks like
Of what is professional
Of what is brilliant
My body is beautiful
My hair is professional
My mind is brilliant.
Who are you to say otherwise?

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