Good morning

“Hi babe!” is all you say each morning when you look up at me.  Today is not like the rest, today you wake me with hot tea and a bagel with cream cheese. As I get up for work you ask if I can be a little late. Looking back at you I check the clock, biting my lip. “I say yea, I can be a little late.”

Pouncing on you, I kiss and pin you to the bed. Kissing your neck and collarbone working my way down your body. You squirm and giggle while I nibble on your nipple. You remind me I have to be quick, to be a little late not miss my morning appointments. I tickle your ribs and you grab the condom and slide it on. Your tight squeeze is all I need you pull me closer and closer your hands on my shoulders, our lips touch as you shudder. Each stroke illicits a slow moan from you.

Pulling me into you, hour hands stroking my head and ears. You whisper to me how much you love this. Biting my ear you moan that you’re cumming.  As your orgasm washes over you, I untangle our limbs. Kiss your forehead and get dressed.


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