Lost in my mind

It’s been a rough week

From beginning to now.

In reality and fiction 

My future seems uncertain. Personaly an professionally. 

From threats on my job to coworkers resignation.

It’s tough to be here.

Tv is not a escape whether it’s power, survivors remorse, empire or Gotham . It’s one continous trigger.

No explanation just beating the point in the nuances are failing. What’s the pint of story telling if the story is foretold. 

Is all sides of life missing integrity and the ability to lead.

Why does fiction mirror reality. 

I’m not sleeping and it’s raining. 

I need a release 

I need to heal

I need to deal.

My reality is running a monopoly with my possibilty. 

I’m lost in the mind 

I’m lost in my feelings of past moments. 

Everything reminds me of something 

Sadly little and less is good.


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