Turn it off

Turn off the tv it’s supposed to be you & me

I caught you looking at the TV and not me

I’m giving you head you know the toe curling kind you begged for but you acting distracted by the sight’s & sound

Bae stall out.

I like music it just auditory. 1 sense to use imagine the beat while I eat/beat or at the very least. 

You asked to be here & set the appointment stating there is this scratch only I can get. Hmm oh shit I’m here for you.  

Turn off the TV & focus on me or at least pretend. that audio visual cancels me you out. In bewteen I’m in between thoughts. 

As we continue I’m sliding inside of you nipping your ear. I feel your chin on my shoulder and think ( I’m about to get those love sounds) but no I hear you say “run girl,run”. See now I’m pissed & trying to break your pelvis.  

You need a break but not to recover but to watch the show.  

Turn off the show right now!!!!!!!

Instead turn on the tunes let me get you on my terms to give you a better view.   It’s me and you.  I’m down for Netflix & chill and I will chill. When moves are on tvs off & the speakers are on it’s the mode. 

Trust me this playlist will make you happy or at the very least laugh. 

Let me show you what you’re missing with these beats. 

– dreads

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