Stop just don’t touch me

Take your hands off me

I said stop,

No more kissing or caressing me I don’t see you that way

Stop touching me

It doesn’t feel good


Let go of me

Why can’t I get free

Why do I feel so tired

What’s in my drink

What did you give me

What are you doing


Don’t touch me

That hurts


Please stop

I black out

Finding my clothes strewn about

There’s blood on the bed

I’m all alone

You left a note

“Had a great time, see you around”

This isn’t supposed to happen to me.

I’m a man

I’m strong I’m not supposed to be….

I can’t tell anyone this happened

I’m bleeding

I thought you were a friend a good guy

But you, you

You fooled me from that cup of liquor I enjoyed to the next few

I should have been able to see what was going on

But I never thought you would

I’m like 100lbs heavier than you

8 inches taller

No one will believe me

They’ll assume I wanted this

A closeted man is hurt by another man

Left in his own blood and another’s juices.

My heads killing me

I’m still bleeding.

Last night I planned to have sex with you

But you took my choice

Denied me my voice

Made a victim out of me

Even worse made a monster of you

I thought you liked me

I knew I liked you

We both liked sex

I wanted to wait

You could wait

And you


Raped me.

I can’t say it aloud

I can’t tell my friends

Or my family

What will they think of me

I’m a man

How could this happen?

How could you do this to me?

What am I going to do

How will I stop the bleeding

How can I go on knowing what I know about you.

About you

You the rapist

You the monster

You the guy I liked

The guy who drugged me

Hurt me

Left me


A victim

Unsure of who I am or what to be

I’m no longer me


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1 Response to Stop

  1. GoddessEvon says:

    Wow! I wasn’t expecting the reveal but It’s great that you’re talking about it. Male rape is a tough topic.

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