Free Joker’s Style

These loud thoughts are the only freedom in this quiet world

Trust me you want me chill

If I turned up your all dead

This mood is not something new it’s me all day

I mean I don’t care who is around when it goes down

That click clack ain’t a gun but the beginning of the fun

I’ve got all these bones and so little time I mean

I’m blood dipped with nubbed tips

Yearning to pull something out of my ass

I mean I want to rain down upon thee with great violence and furious anger

If you look at me the wrong way

These tools I carry ain’t killing instruments

That in my head it worse than anything you can buy

I’m sick with the how to

Desperately wanting to show you

I’m so excited to be here with all my little affects

I have move in the bag if you can’t tell this is just a short dive into my mind

Let’s swim in these pools where the bottom is above you

I don’t need to make sense I just need to exist

I’m the axis of humanity I’m the realist

Around I’m the groom of holy matrimony I’m marrying my id and will do all that we desire

One twist at a time

These freestyles must be turned to rhymes

Why would you want me to be you

When you is blah

Me is blasphemy

I’m better than you think

These words bend like a running clock

Just pulling up for the jump shot

Its going gong going goooonnnnnnenenenenene

I’m here to play with me

Not you

You get to watch as chair gets warmer

Your clothes will singe

Your skin will melt

It’s all good I’m returning your service with a smile

Don’t cry just release the bile

Your vile

Unkempt unloved unusable

Just like I knew you’d be

You’ll never be

Saved helped clean or sovereign



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