Knocking your style

Faith without works is dead – john2:26

If you can’t put all of you into this don’t say you feel me dog

I put all of me into anything I do

You asked for 30/30 imma give you everyone and dare you to show up short

I’m a literary bully these words

Are like jabs

You the kid who’s short on MY lunch money it’s okay I understand that you thought you had a choice

No, you’re going to fucking listen when I work

You have faith in your pen meet my wit

Listen to me spit

Fuck a snap

You better clap have a standing accept ion or rejection

I bleed red but think more ink

If your hype ain’t here

You shouldn’t be

This is a call to arms

Stand up and stand out

Don’t shy from me I’m not backing away

I’m loading up for a fight

Imma bring the light

You bring the pain

I’ll stay in my lane and get after all that I see

You wanted the thunder and now you

Have it I’m a machine with these barbs

Protect your neck

You BK or BX just NYC

I’m DMV and we don’t retreat

Not never

For no one

I’m just having fun

It’ll never be done

Unless you tap out

I know you will

Call for a refrain from me some time to heal and grab a deal

I’ve got you ya know with your little 10-15

Where ya skills at

You got bars to match me or is it a knockout




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