Bust it

beats are hot

Girls are too 

I see you with that shot 

Damn  I’m jealous of a glass 

Way you grip it & sip it.

I mean damn 

I motion you over 

Oh shit here you come 

Wish I had some gum or mints 

You ask me what imma get

Just a little time is what I say 

Leading me back 

You say rules 

Sit in my lap

Make it clap, gyrate, shake.

Damn you got skills 

You worth everyone of these bills 

Your gestures captivate 

Touches burn me 

Forgetting my place touching you

You’re grimace 

Snaps the fantasy 

Bring’s reality & clarity

On time & place. 

You hands in my face 

Giving you all my big faces

Adjusting my jeans 

Following your lead 

Not thinking about being played 

This artificial laid 

That I trickd & paid. 


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