The kick

The thing is I’m irritated just not by the things you keep asking about. My irritation is the comments about my ride. You know the one you ride in every day. 

I’m irritated by the down play of my push thru attitude. I don’t want to stop in grieve there are objectivesome to hit.  Me stopping won’t help anyone. 

I’m irritated that you’ll be impressed when it’s just us. Let another enter the fray now your full of fun facts that I would have liked to know too. 

I’m not difficult. I’m just not easy in my ways. The things that irritate me male me better. .

The gag is I’m in pain. I don’t want help or that touchy Feely shit. I’m good with how I identify. I’m a goal seeker not the way feel.

I’m in pain 

I’m dealing with it. 


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