Can you hear me

Here’s the thing you never understood. 

She’s just a friend bit you’re my girlfriend. Me & her talk about you in the sense that I need a sounding board, you both know how I’m liable to say just about anything. 

I hit her moring noon & night after we fight. I need to talk it out when you walk out. It’s not a slight but I don’t want to get mad and destroy what we have. 

She’s just a calm voice to remind me how much better I am with you. She loves me too just differently than you. 

You say we started as friends & then lovers, but do I have to remind you that when I came through you had a man & she was already my friend? 

Your guy I’m sure was threatened by me. Not like I made it easy for him. Sonning him every time we met up. All you two could do was look up at me, as he let you go.  My friend ran interference especially when he wanted to fight me. 

See that’s love she knows only one of us could walk away with you.  She’s had my back for years & I’ve had hers. She my best friend who’s no threat to you. If anything she loves you more than me, seeingredients how you changed me doing what she could never do. 

You got me to leave the streets while she could only go out with me & pray for my safety. You got me to put the blunt down while she’d count how much dough I’d drop at the spot  

We speak every day but you stay in my home & share my bed. Don’t let time line fool you. She’s just my best friend a advisor when I want to war with you. You’re my life blood helping me progress to the next stages. 

Don’t be jealous of a woman who was 1st & loved differently.  If anything she’s the dry run & you’re show. 

Baby calm down when my phone rings. She just wants a little time to vent, a momental spent on her side to repay her for all she’s done for me. 

Her biggest goal is helping me keep you.  


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