the jig is up

see my problem is this.

It’s not that I care to little but too much.

I hate not seeing you and not talking to you.

I know my life is complicated and not the norm but let me ask you would you want it to be?

I’m not the rest of the cats hitting on you (least I hope not).  I set up shop differently.  Your company is what I’m after sex is just a byproduct.  If we do or don’t it doesn’t affect the vote that you’re dope.

I care more than I mean to.

more than I can explain.

my relationship is complicated and different.

My identity is similar in complexity.

I care about you as much as I can.

Love is not something I understand nor can I say I’ll give it.

I can give you less boredom instead of more & some good stories.

if you hang out with me.  It’ll be a adventure

If you don’t like what I’m offering. say  the words I’ll work to careless

no matter the stress

I’ll no longer address  the feelings and meanings in my head

I’ll leave you be

caring is painful in old ways to new situations.

my reputation not withstanding

your view on who you think I am,

I am still a man who likes you


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1 Response to the jig is up

  1. GoddessEvon says:

    I can relate to catching feelings in a complicated situation. This seems sweet and honest. Great poem!

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