About last night

You came by unannounced.

Lucky for you my kid’s at a sleepover, you wanna sleepover.

Looking over my shoulder you watch me cook dinner: meat & greens.

The music reverberates across the walls. You hug me asking if we’ll ever go out like other couple.

I touch your hand &kiss your ring. We’re not other couples I remind you. We’re not even a couple, you’re married & I’m a widowed father. Our reality only exist in stolen moments. Does he even ask anymore?

You want to know who’s toothbrush this is? Questioning me the man you have no claim to. I remind you that I’m free to date. You spit on the brush & claim me.

Laughing, plating the food. We take our place for this charade. Eating, drinking, flirting until my phone rings. I pull back stepping out, it’s my kid wishing me a good night & saying they love me. I say it back.

Coming around the corner with your glass you observe me. I hang up & clear the table. We put up the food & stack the dishes.

Sitting on the couch putting on a movie I settle in. You head to my bedroom asking about my sheets. I think it’s time for you to go, I’m going to bed soon.

You said you came to be with me. But I know you came here to get away from responsibility. You kiss me, caressing my body. Breaking away telling you that we can hang out but I’m not sleeping with you.

You’re not pleased sharing your barbs as if insults will me with desire to fill you. I walk to the door & tell you your choices. You grab your bag & say I’ll regret this, I remind you to drive safe. Opening my door finding a figure before me.

Before I inquire there’s a flash & boom flinging you into the wall. Seeing you lifeless brings me joy. The figure steps in the light.

Hugging & kissing them we bind you. Taking your keys put you in the trunk. They drive your car & I my own. We go to your house.

Your husband knew all along, he just needed proof. So he hired us, to make it happen. He wants out without having to pay you alimony or spouse support. Enter me & my tale of losing my wife who was my life while raising a teenager. You fell for it & now it’s over.

Taking you inside to your husband & the new you. I put you in a chair, my lover collects our final fee. I’m telling you all this to ease your fear.

Walking out I hear you scream. We hop in the car pulling away. I glance to seeing you pulled down the hall gagged & bound.


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