Lonely but authentically myself

Over the years I’ve had to come to terms that being real can lead to me being alone.

But here is the thing about being authentic.

It means that I gotta admit to wanting you around more than a few nights a week.

Admitting that I like you & how you make me feel.

Being authentic having to acknowledge the confusion about why you like me. I know I’m dope as duck if only short term but I’m not always understanding long term.

It’s crazy to an extent that there are 2 “you’s “.

2 unique reasons to get up in the morning and looking forward to a new day.

Wishing for more time with each of you trying to share my energy & resources with both. Not trying to just have a physical thing, a emotional game to.

Investing into two is easier than I thought but maintaining is the rub. Flowing schools of thought of equality drives home the hybrid I’m in.

I’m married to myself but loyal to you two. Balancing checks & fun.

Being authentically me leads me to understand the reality of being able to say the truth & live a lie.

I’m authentic if only with you since I’m showing you me up close and in perspective.

Authentic by design

Sincere in practice

Yours by desire


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