Reality sets in

Wish I could be mad at you for not understanding me.

That my actions & words didn’t give you a clear picture of my intent.

I wish I vould say I’ll call you later knowing how I discard my ex lovers, don’t expect a good morning text or even a weak wyd.

Been there done you & now I’m thru.

Reality hit me, sex just isn’t enough.

It’s the best part of what we do & that’s the worst part. My mind is more excited doing paperwork than getting you worked up.

Sex won’t sustain me, at least not these days.

It’s been uncomfortable in the weirdest & worst ways.

Each great experience against horrifying ones.

I wish you knew you like I know me.

Reality set in

It’s apparent we don’t fit or match up. In life, on paper, in bed it’s always a fight of futility.

Tuning out of you & back into me

The focus is apparent

Our pictures aren’t meant to be intertwined.

Nor are we each other’s focus

Let this end


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