Around memory lane

Watched this show that reminded me of you

So full of life

Laughing and running around being a little kid near the clique always wanting in on what we did

You thought we were so cool

We wanted you to go inside & leave us to our bullshit

Instead you came out got popped & bled out on the block

You’d be 24 now if you’d just stayed inside, instead you died.

That hit close watching your eyes lose light no matter what we did.

It changed us all

Showed us how soft we were made us who we became

After you I walked away from that life.

Not able to not blame myself for making it look cool.

I watched a show saw a kid that reminded me of you & he caught one too.

I miss you praying you’ll forgive me for leaving behind, maybe I should have taken with me when I left the block

I’m sorry you got hit by being near our shit

I pray for your soul that you’re at peace

I think you’re looking down at me thinking how lame I’ve become how I’m not the guy you knew but the guy I said I’d be

I love you man

Until we meet again


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