did you see this coming?

splayed across this work table each limb isolated the soft pulsing of the wand on your clit. hearing & seeing nothing noting how well  your blindfold & muffs are working.

Your partner told you the price of your transgressions would be forced upon you until…. damn if you don’t know when it will end.

feeling rough hands on arms and soft on your legs you realize you have company as a ridge slides into your anus while weights are added to your nipple rings.  Feeling the slight tug as you’re  being filled with sensations.

The wand is set to a higher frequency, you know you’re screaming your head off & that you can’t even hear it.  The soft flick of the of the whip on your ribs sometimes hitting those chains causing the vibrations to shake you.

The whip gives way to someone tickling you and nipping your nape.  At one point you swear that you feel Ms. Seal’s flogger on you limbs with the consistent short flaps on your arms & hands and the heavy items on you legs and shin.

This tasteful assault would be so much better if you could see or hear it.
As the impacts dye down some thing cold and smooth is spread on your chest and stomach.  It smells like food but you can’t place it, sticking your tongue and receiving a taste creamy spread reminding you of peanut butter.  A towel replaced the wand as this “food was placed everywhere except your hand & feet that felt squishy & sticky.  Going to stick you tongue back out you hit a face guard.

The sensations startle you from the sharp pokes to the scratching to the licking & sucking. your writhing is only met with many pokes and scratches. Your hands and feet are clean first.  The pokes are now competing with a long rough lick at a slow deliberate pace. A silent giggle escapes until the pokes are felt on your head. Feeling the vibrations all the way to your teeth, enjoying your headgear.

The last lick passes as you air dry. The bonds loosen and you’re carried to a hot bubble bath. Your partner takes off the headgear, earmuffs, and the blindfold.  He washes you with your favorite loofah and tells you how proud he is of you. He drys you off & says he has something he want to watch with you.  You see & hear everything and you’re blown away until the end as your slathered in cookie butter and honey only to realize birds and dogs licked you clean, not people.

Mind blown you fall asleep, tired and strangely satisfied to be a living plate.


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