2 killers 1 lake


Looking around I see another set of lights out here. I can’t believe it they’re parked like 20 yards away. I have this body halfway out the trunk, I doubt they’ve seen me. I’ll just drop her in and hit the shadows, I’ll get to that car and re evaluate the situation


I think there is someone over there moving *Splash* Who the fuck is swimming in my dump ground? Kids these days have no respect for a working serial Killer. Let me find them and they’ll be in baggies next month. Why didn’t hear another splash? let me get this knife out. Is there someone on the tree line, I think there’s a sicko out here. Hmm I’ll pop the trunk and see if pull out my spare, when I start jacking this bucket up they’ll come out I’m sure.


Hmm, it’s just a SWF I doubt she’s also a sanitation engineer for society. I’ll help her with that tire, but let me first put this knife away. “Hey there neighbor. I saw you & thought I’d offer you some assistance. Joy shouts.

Sam: She’s kinda pretty, hmm I bet I can put her in a stew next month. Look at how shiny her hair is. Her full lips and broad shoulders, she’s quite a specimen. I wonder if she’ll taste as good as she looks. “Hey, yeah I’ could use the help.”

closing the space between them. each one sizes the other up.

“I’m J what’s your name?” Joy ask extending her hand.

“Oh I’m Sssiim,” Sam sputtered accepting Joy’s powerful handshake.

“Well Sim what brings you out to the lake this time of night?”

“Well I, um I like the the quiet and uh the water. yea i like the water.” Sam says gesturing to the lake.

“Okay Sim none of your tires are flat, why’d you jack your car up?” Joy inquires.

“Um I thought it would create a better angle to listen to the water and uh think about uh recipes… yea gotta think at a angle for good food.” Sam blurted.

“Well Sim, I had better get going ya know the sun is coming & so are those pesky teenagers with their kegs and their noise.” Joy throws out walking towards her car.

“Okay, um you. what’s your name again?” Sam asked to Joy’s back.

“I’m J! Sim, J!” Joy shouts.



Hmm it has been a while since someone besides one of my captives has cooked me dinner. If its’s organic I wonder how good everything else will taste. I’ll have to give her my burner number or my snap…hmm yea my snap it’ll be. “Sim” is a strange one.

“Yea sure lets exchange Snapchat info.” Joy offers.


Why does she just assume that I have a digital print. I mean I totally have all of the usual ones, but Jay’s audacity. I can’t wait to get her on my table and see if she’s as succulent as she looks.”

“It’s IreneStrangler, but I’m rarely on.” Sam stated bluntly.

“Okay we’ll my handle is JoyfulSnippet007, I’m a Bond girl, what can I say.” Joy gushed.

“Hmm, interesting you know there is only one correct Bond & one alternate that I’ll accept.” Sam says

“hehe first of all it’s Scotland forever! Daniel Craig is my only runner up for 007. Sean Connery was smoother than his own martini while Craig is the perfect Bond for the times. Irene Adler was not a strangler, but in fact the only woman to outmatch Sherlock Holmes. Are more than you appear to be Sim?” Joy coyly ask.

“You’ll have to find out won’t you Jay?” Sam winks at Joy. “Contact me tomorrow & we’ll have dinner & you’ll be dessert.” Sam exclaims.

“Sure I’ll bring dessert Sim, hope you like pie!” Joy says sauntering away.   “I’ll have to look into Sim, she’s sweet but something is up.  Why is she out here tonight? and what did she mean “I’ll be dessert.” Joy ponders.

“nice enough person that Jay I think, I’ll actually buy meat instead of my vegan meat bag.  Granted he was tasty but he’s also an acquired taste and I want her to taste me before I prepare him” Sam muses.

IreneStrangler: Hey Jay, dinner is at 7pm and I live at 6660 Azrael Place don’t forget dessert 😉

JoyfulSnippet007: Okay, see you there & I hope you like cherry pie 😛

“Nice place she has out here, glad I left early.  She lives on the edge of the county limits near the lake and a forest.” Joy thinks.

Knock Knock Knock

“COME IN IT’S OPEN!” Sam yells

“wow this is pretty rustic all these stuffed and mounted animals.  I wouldn’t have thought hunter or collector but, I’m really looking forward to dinner.” Joy ponders.

“Glad you could make it! Mmmm this pie looks delicious. Place it any where on the table. You want a beer the meal is almost ready.” Sam states proudly.

“Along with the chilli what else do I smell?” Joy inquires.

“Well, we’re having my grandfather’s famous cornbread, chili, dirty rice, and bacon spinach. To drink I have beer, wine, & spirits. For drink answers there is a wrong answer, can you guess it?” Sam says coyly.

“I’ll go out on a limb and say wine, I mean who drinks wine with this kind of spread.” Joy answers.

“Now ya got it. Lets set this table and dig in, I’d love to pick your brain, hahaha.” Sam exclaims

“What kind of flour is this, this cornbread is amazing & this bacon is so lean.  Did you hunt all these animals or are you just a collector.” Joy inquires                “All of the meat is very lean and extremely tender, I can’t place it but the taste is off. Almost like this meat is some kind of substitute.” Joy thinks

“The cornbread is a family secret, we can only tell our spouses 7 years in anytime before that and their minds might explode with the flavors, but seriously it confectionery sugar & secret butter. I’m glad you’re enjoying, is the meat tender enough?” Sam asks.

“What kind of meat is this!!!? I’ve been eating meat for years and I have never had this kind before. It looks like beef but taste like a sweet pork?” Joy questions.

“Oh it’s a special blend of meats and spices another seceret that I’ll share with my spouse. Want another beer? Sam gestures to the fridge.

“Nah I’m good Sim, tell me about yourself.  This house is full of animals and trophies.  Are you a hunter of some kind? Joy inquires

“Yes, you can say that. I mostly hunt animals for the goverment when they become a nuisance. Like the bear when you walked in, he is from Ohio he’d taken out 5 other hunters sent after him.  By the time I brought him down he’d been shot over 60 times.  The meat was tough and the hide is a testament to the survival of the most resilient.  Unlike most contracted hunters, I take the meat and hides as a rule I’ll use the entire body from snout to tail. ” Sam answers.

“That’s cool, what got you interested in it?” Jay ask in between bites.

“My grandfather was a hunter and he passed it down to me.  One of my first hunts was with and we nabbed the Ocelot over your shoulder.  It was a long arduous process and cost us both more than we were willing to lose.” Sam states.

“What happend?”

“The Ocelot has cubs that we weren’t aware of, I stumbled upon them and she to me. (tearing up and breaking eye contact her voice cracking)  I set my gun down and began to play with the cubs called out for him to see. He was checking the high ground.  I heard a ruffling noise and didn’t even think of the mother.  She pounced on me and we began tussling, she bit my forearm as I screamed for help.  I couldn’t get to my knife, (gesturing to the blade hanging on her right side). I could hear him running towards us he yelled for me to keep fighting.  The last thing I fully remember was him tackling the enraged cat mother.  She was wounded fighting for her young while he fought for me.  I crawled to my gun but couldn’t pick it up.  (crying now) He stabbed her in the heart as she bit down on his throat.  It was a deathly embrace as they both bled out. With his last breath he told me how much he llooovvveeddd mmmmeee.” Sam wails putting her hands in face.  Joy comforts her “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“No, no, no I nev nev never tell that story. I think you’re the first person I’ve told since it happened.  (wiping tears and controlling her breathing) Let me get you something sweet to take away this bitter story” Sam coos.

“Do you want any ice cream with your pie?” Sam ask.

“Sure, at this point I doubt I’ll turn anything of yours down, did you make the ice cream to? Joy asks.  “She cooks great food even though she’s not telling me the meat source but it’s eerily familiar. She’s also a hunter and a looker.  I wonder if I can use her talents for” Joy’s thoughts trail off.

“Hey Jay, try this!” (placing a spoon of unknown ice cream in her mouth) Sam insist.

“On My Fucking God, what is this it’s amazing!” Joy exclaims.

“It’s my own take on blood orange and blackberry ice cream infused with secret sauce, do you want a dollop of it with your pie?” Sam ask.

“Damn the pie, (laughing and licking the spoon) let me just get the this.” Joy retorts.  As Sam serves up a heaping helping of ice cream to them both.

“mhm, I know you won’t tell me, but what’s in the secret sauce?”  Joy ask, while devouring the smooth sweet treat.

“Just for you Jay it’s sugar, fruit juices, moonshine, a few drops of O negative and heat. Do you like it?” Sam coolly responds

“O negative, like human blood… the meat we’ve had hasn’t been all animal has it?” Joy says while pushing the bowl back and rising from the table. “It has a gamey taste and leaness that is reminiscent of human flesh.  Are you a cannibal Sim?” Joy asks “FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!! She’s the butcher, she has all the skills needed and this house is in the middle of nowhere.  I think I’m in love.” Joy thinks.

“Good palate Jay, sit down and don’t make me use this (gesturing her knife) you’re a big strong woman but, I know all of your juicy places to cut. (patting the chair) Now Sit!” Sam demands.

(Pulling her own knife out) “You misunderstand me Sim, I’m a serial killer too.  You’re the one who has been taunting the police for years and leaving a few petrified bones behind.  I know your work and I’m a big fan. Especially what you did with those college kids a few years ago when you made it look like a bear had attacked them was epic, how did you get the teeth marks on the bones? Joy asks excitedly

“If you’re a cleaner like me, what’s your work?  I know there is someone else out there doing ritualistic killing and there is some amateur just kidnapping women about 5’6, white, slight in build, dark eyes…” Sam trails off.

“Yeah you are definetly my type and I am not a amatauer.  I take them and keep them for a few weeks on end to do my bidding until I’ve grown tired of them.  My current count is 64 with 3 discovered if that makes me a amateur, what is your record?” Joy inquires.

“Well young lady I’m over 1000 spanning 4 continents.  I am a professional killer who consumes their prey.  The only person that came close to finding me was a pesky detective in London in my late 20’s. I fixed him good especially when they found those bones & ground meat in his freezer, he was arrested quietly and put to death to avoid hysteria.  So yes to me you’re a amateur & I am insulted that you think yourself to be in my league “Jay” *in air quotes* if that is even your real name.” Sam says

“Dinner was great but I must be going Sim or is it Samantha Chasseur? I’m a big fan and all but, you’re a serious cannibal.  I’m not dating another cannibal, my body can’t take the adjustment,” Joy

“Who did you date?” Sam inquires.

“I doubt you know her, if I’m such a amateur. “Joy snorts “The papers called her the brave one, she primarily killed child molesters.  What the papers didn’t know & what I didn’t find out until our end is that she’d eat the kids.  She said that they’d never be able to get past the trauma.” Joy laments

“She ate kids, who does that?  I remember hearing a few soundbites about her a few years ago right?” Sam says.

“Turns out she’d been kidnapped & sold to a group of child molesters who kept who until she was about 16 years old and began to mature.  She told me, the head guy gave her a grand and told her to get lost.  She killed him a few months later and began to hunt down the other members.  I remember *wiping tears & putting away her knife* meeting her at a popular dump ground when I was just starting out.  She took me in and showed me how to kill and cleanup.  She is the best person I’ve been with, right up till the night I caught her eating a leg.  It was the wrong proportions to be a animal.  She explained that most of the meat was human and that’s why it used to make me sick.  I asked her where she got the meat and she gave me the most cavalier answer “my work”.  I flipped out about eating child molesters and her sick ass methods and thoughts.”  Joy cries into her hands.

“We fought, I don’t mean an argument.  We fought and it was horrible she cut my arms as I tried to defend myself. At one point she tossed me into a bookshelf and began to kiss me.  I learned that she was toying with me around the third kiss that ended with a headbutt. After that I grabbed my kbar & she pulled this bowie-esque blade that she made out of her 1st kills femur and some steel.  This was quick, she sliced my chest *showing the scar on her collarbone* while I stabbed her in her heart.  I cried so hard as she bled out.” Joy concludes wiping a tear

“There there Jay it’s alright, we’ve all killed a loved one at some point or another.” Sam says while holding Joy.  “I’ve got you now & I’m not going to feed you a kid unless it’s a baby goat.  It’s alright” She says consoling Joy.  “I have an idea, would you feel better killing someone Jay?” Sam asks.

Looking up into Sam’s eyes “I’d like that, do you have someone in mind or a random snatch?” Joy inquires wiping her tears.

“I have the dark haired woman from the news in a cage in the basement.  How about we let her go in the back yard and hunt her down with a bow & arrow. ” Sam negotiates.

“Only if, you show me how to skin her” Joy counters.

“Sure Jay, let’s put the food up first then the pre-dessert activity.” Sams replies coyly while moving the food.

“Sam, it’s Joy not Jay. Joy Leone.” Joy smiles. putting food in the fridge.

“I think this is the beginning of something fun!” Sam says pulling down 2 bows and quivers full of arrows.

  • Dreads




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