Phone sex doesn’t get me off no more than masturbation

The best orgasms achieved come from lovers. Who’ve spent themselves on you.

Much more satisfaction than a simple self induced orgasm. You know your spots therefore you know how tedious it is. Another brings variations of pleasure.

Lovers transcend time & space but a good orgasm, a good orgasm can reshape your mood.

Orgasms build mentally. Starting in a glance or few words. A good orgasm is crafted like spun glass unique each time. Blowing my mind away with your words. Let’s talk about anything other than sex. Show your passion!

Lets get intimate with our clothes on. Can words be the new kisses. Can a slick turn of phrase be a groan. Moans can stay moans. Can we orgasm via an exchange of ideas with zeal

Lets remove our hangups  and make love. I’d love to show you where reality and imagination intersect. Let us talk with our words like we used too.


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