What’s 1st

What will kill me 1st

My pride so deeply tied to my sense of self. Will it be the thing that does me.

My laziness, a desire to not do or be. Will it be my final lack of care that causes my heart to seize unable to release.

Will stress could do it, it’s already working. The visits to the hospital, the weak muscles an ligaments, the graying edges.

My emotional stupidity, will it cost me my all. Will it finally break me.

Serving in many different roles & all that comes with that.

I’m scared of what I’ll become & what I’ll never do.

Will I be a good father?

Am I a good lover?

Am I giving too much to freely?

What’s the prices I’m not seeing, ignoring or seeking

Where will I die? In bed or at my desk?

Who will mourn me, will I be mourned?

My first moment stories are shared in my family with joy and laughter

My first moment stories are to me full of fear

Violence was bred into me 1st lessons are learning how to hit and accept hits

what’s the 1st thing I’ll teach


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