Kill it

Rolling my eyes in the back of my head I think, “What did I sign myself up for?”


Thinking back to when I saw you at the bar, in that long red gown and gold pumps, your locs cascaded down your shoulders I couldn’t help but to mirror you and send that drink over.  A raspberry coconut punch, your reaction lead to our interaction.  The time at the bar led us to your hotel room and thinking you’d be another conquest, I was not prepared for your libido.

We drunkenly removed each other clothes and our shoes were by the door.  Your dress on the chair my jacket and tie nearby, my shirt on the desk, your bra dangling off the TV, my boxer briefs on the floor. Once I got you down to your panties, you did a brief twirl, pulled me close and said to rip them off! I complied as the material disappeared as well as the meek look in your eyes.  I saw you shift into a predator, yanking me down by my hips, demanding I lay down and open my mouth.


In this moment, I know I need figure out what the hell this woman’s plan is.


I give you a perplexed look until you flip me over and grind against my mouth, opening my lips I lick and suck whatever I could reach. I grip your hips, attempting to relocate them so I can breathe.  You peel my hands off you as you smother me.


“Good boys get all the air they want. Make me happy!” you growl.


I feel your nails wrap around my shaft. I moan beneath you.  Your strokes cause me to jerk and tremble.  You slide down my body until you’re hovering right above my member.


“Are you a good boy?” you question.  Opening my mouth to answer you stick two fingers inside my mouth, painfully slow.


Once I’m inside, you bring your mouth near my ear and tell me, “You’re going to fuck me slowly at my pace. If you attempt to speed up or buck your hips I’ll choke you with my fingers. Nod if you understand me.”


I nod.


“If you’re a good boy, I’ll reward you by allowing you to cum. Nod if you understand me.”
I nod again.


“Good. Now that we’re on the same page, rock your hips slowly and do exactly as I say,” you command.


Your pacing is slow and deliberate. As I try to speed up or go harder you choke me with your long digits.  Surprising myself by how much I love you choking, pinching and scratching me, you started to pick up momentum.


“That’s it! Don’t you fucking move! Stay right like this!” you shout.


My eyes are rolling like I’m on all of the drugs and moan loudly. Removing your wet fingers you grip my chest for balance.  I moan ‘I’m going to cum’ while you respond with a slap and quick “NO! YOU’RE NOT!” as you continue your pace. Writhing beneath you and whimpering for release, suddenly you hop off of my penis and soak my face. You’re vigorously fucking my face and rubbing your clit.  Covering my face and linens in your cum, ‘Thank you’ is all I say while drinking your cum.


“What a good boy you are” you say as you slide off me. “And good boys get to cum,” you sing as you wrap your fingers around my throbbing member.


Feeling like I’m going to explode at any moment as you continue stroking me, you request “You’re such a good boy, cum for me.”  I begin cumming in your hands as your stroking intensifies. Crying and cumming is a new experience for me.


“It’s okay, I’ve got you.  It’s going to be alright. The first time is always different,” you say as you pull me close to you.


Thanking you, I fall asleep in your arms.


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