Hungry and thirsty pt 1

In this bar sipping my drink looking at all these beautiful women walk past. Wondering how they taste if they’re good enough to eat. This tequila sunrise has me extra horny. This masquerade ball is just what I needed, all these hot bodies has sex directly on my mind. A Nefertiti and Cleopatra sat across from me. The flirting was instantaneous from the coy looks to the stolen smiles to me introducing myself as Goliath. They nodded in agreement as I towered over them at 6’6.

Nefertiti suggested we dance and get to know each other better & Cleopatra & I agreed. The dj was earning their pay with a upbeat old school bops. It got real when the slow jams came on and everyone’s clothes started coming off “for all the lovers and fuckers in the house, these jams are for you” the DJ said as the regular lights dimmed and the red and blue lights came up. Looking around the room there were partygoers In various stages of undress. I undressed Cleopatra while Nefertiti removed my loincloth bumping me. I caught her licking her lips and nudging Cleopatra. Pulling Cleopatra in for a kiss, Nefertiti began stroking & sucking me to attention. She expertly made my knees buckle having o steady myself against a wall. Cleopatra bit & sucked on my nipples while I moaned. With my eyes rolling, feeling pressure on rectum, I adjust for easier access.

Nefertiti slides behind me to better finger my ass while Cleopatra kisses down my body cupping my balls and biting my dick. “Get on all fours!” Nefertiti whispers in my ear. Complying, Cleopatra lays in front of me pulling my face into her beautiful pussy. I’m licking with intensity as she holds my head on her clit. As she cums Nefertiti slides into me with at least 8inches. I groan and push back against her thrust “harder, harder, hurt me” I growled. Nefertiti dug her nails so deep in my back, I could feel the blood dripping.

Cleopatra positioned herself beneath me, sliding my engorged member inside herself . Bucking against me. Spitting into my mouth and rubbing her juices on my body. Both queens came simultaneously. Nefertiti bit my shoulders and back remarking “your such a slut, open your mouth. I’m going to see if you’re throat is as tight, get on your knees.” Following her commands I kneeled next to Cleopatra who 1st removed the condom & cleaner Nerfertiti’s dick with a wipe and paper towel. Initially sucking her dick. Nefertiti leaned down kissing Cleopatra & tugging on her nipples, breaking the kiss “hold his head in place if he moves. I want him crying & sniveling.” Nefertiti said.

I tried to corkscrew her dick, but eat time I used my hands, I got slapped so hard the light flickered. Opening my mouth I pulled her deep into my throat, fucking her dick with my throat & mouth. “Fuck! You little slut, you love this don’t you? Don’t?” Nefertiti yelled. Gagging & slobbering all over her balls and thighs, making eye contact periodically. I’d shake my head like a dog with a bone to her moans. Cleopatra whispered “What a good dick sucker, you are. Make your queen cum all down your throat. Serve the throne” while griping Nefertiti’s ball. “Fuck I’m cumming!” Nefertiti shouted holding me in place. She came so much, it came through my nose as I choked. Once my coughing and laughter subsided, we retired to a dungeon for another round.

– dreads

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