Can I have a piece

Hey my state is lifting the bans and we can go out again

Can I come by and get a piece of something oh so sweet

When I call you on your phone, you say it’s just you & your vagina all alone at home.

Can you put her on, it’s been a while since we connected. Ya know talked, shared a meal or just did some Netflix and chill.

She said only come by if I be there all night long.

The kids are gone, let’s do like Marvin says do and “get it on”.

Dropping by around 6 for this in house date. Enjoy a bit of doordash some sips of moscato now for the real treat

Can I get a piece of that sweet thing?

Can we procreate with prophylactics?

Can we be everywhere but the bedroom?

Can it be like the 1st time, so full of exploration and uncertainty with a bit of “I hope I did it right”

Can we have sex?

The good kind that changes our mind about the things we disagree about?

Just one last time, can I have a piece of something sweet

– dreads

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