Your mother named you Michael

But I call you perfection

Your 6’5 frame rivals my own

Where I’m soft your hard

Chiseled out of warm wood and clay

You’re a wonder to be hold

You said your perfection

I told you I’d be the judge

We danced

I agree Adonis might suit you

Or Heracles lords knows most men can’t scoop me up

But you do

I mean damn you are beautiful

From head down

Did I mention I love your head

The way your hair grows so curly & tight

You’re such a beautiful black man

Those broad shoulder

And those hands made to palm basketballs

You’re gorgeous

But that brain is one of a kind

A mind of a king presides in you

You’re my shining black prince

Divine and royal

The kind of man I need.

Your mother named you Michael

But I call you perfection

You’re my own Adonis

I love how you love me

From mind out you

Keep me coming back

You seductive & addicting

I’m strung out on you

Everyday I see you

& smile knowing your passing

Each night passion roars to life the reality

That you’re mine all mine

I aight sharing my king

With no other subjects

Rule me Adonis

Let me bend my knees

Worship you as your meant to be

Ill treasure your sensibilities as I enter you

Unearth your hurt

Give me your burdens

Let me hold you.

King let me rule you

As you do me

Come home to your kingdom

My angel


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Last thoughts 

I was here with you

In our space 

The 1st time place we ever made love.

I mean the place your maidenhead spilled on my bed. 

I look at the walls & see the holes we left. 

I see my blood on the ceiling, yours on the pillows. I see our bodies 

Moreso I see our ex’s with bloody hands. 

Reach out to me love, one last time. 

Let us be…. 


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Freestyled hands

See what you said about me being weak is the wrong thing to mean

I mean what I meant when I said that you’re the best thing to ever happen to me

My hands shifted from left the right those blood drops hit your cheek

I heard the floor board creak

Beat your body like a steak

I’ve seen this before

With my mom and dad, she’d make him dinner while she got thinner and thinner

You make my food and I tenderize you one blow at a time

Last week it was an eye

The month before it was your ribs

I call dibs on your soul

I’m not weak I’m who I’m supposed to be

Your you

Your father killed your mother

I’m killing you don’t act like you’re not a fan of the violence

When I turn it outside and beat him

I can hear you heart beat fierce and strong

You scream I ain’t never loved you wrong

That hand around your throat

The dick inside you

Pounding your organs and orifices

Shouting fuck this shit to the rafters

Ill tie you to those rafters

Flog you t=until it overs.

But that only if you survive tonight

That’s only if you make it out the door

Only if my food is hot

Not just my temper

If only you lived as violent as hell

Then I wouldn’t be so rough

I’d be average and you’d be the monster

I’m weak for beating you

You’re weak for staying

Weaker from me starving you

You starve me too of the love you swore to keep

Each night you wrap those wounds

Each night cry to sleep ashamed of the man vie become

Vowing to her dead body id never be like him

Here I am beating you as he did her

Slamming your head off these walls

Goading you asking if you’ll fight back

You never do.

Just scream I’m a weak bitch and you’re my punishment

As I hit you screaming to make silence

These are our nights a never relenting fights


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Uber saves the day

You had me And I had you.
But damn our fucking rules

Your “no sex on the 1st”

My “honor her wishes”

I’ll be damn if you weren’t the only thing on my mind.

My hands on your body as our lips connect

The moment you sit in my lap, I’m a goner

You are too looking in your eyes

I smell your arousal

Placing hands anywhere everywhere.

Lips locked hands too

Thanking God for denim

For movie over music

For uber

Most importantly self control.

I was ready but restraint was required.

We both left frustrated, fuckstrated, horny as fuck.

Distance led to idea exchange

Building a future fire for next time

We meet.

God bless Uber


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Knocking your style

Faith without works is dead – john2:26

If you can’t put all of you into this don’t say you feel me dog

I put all of me into anything I do

You asked for 30/30 imma give you everyone and dare you to show up short

I’m a literary bully these words

Are like jabs

You the kid who’s short on MY lunch money it’s okay I understand that you thought you had a choice

No, you’re going to fucking listen when I work

You have faith in your pen meet my wit

Listen to me spit

Fuck a snap

You better clap have a standing accept ion or rejection

I bleed red but think more ink

If your hype ain’t here

You shouldn’t be

This is a call to arms

Stand up and stand out

Don’t shy from me I’m not backing away

I’m loading up for a fight

Imma bring the light

You bring the pain

I’ll stay in my lane and get after all that I see

You wanted the thunder and now you

Have it I’m a machine with these barbs

Protect your neck

You BK or BX just NYC

I’m DMV and we don’t retreat

Not never

For no one

I’m just having fun

It’ll never be done

Unless you tap out

I know you will

Call for a refrain from me some time to heal and grab a deal

I’ve got you ya know with your little 10-15

Where ya skills at

You got bars to match me or is it a knockout




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Free Joker’s Style

These loud thoughts are the only freedom in this quiet world

Trust me you want me chill

If I turned up your all dead

This mood is not something new it’s me all day

I mean I don’t care who is around when it goes down

That click clack ain’t a gun but the beginning of the fun

I’ve got all these bones and so little time I mean

I’m blood dipped with nubbed tips

Yearning to pull something out of my ass

I mean I want to rain down upon thee with great violence and furious anger

If you look at me the wrong way

These tools I carry ain’t killing instruments

That in my head it worse than anything you can buy

I’m sick with the how to

Desperately wanting to show you

I’m so excited to be here with all my little affects

I have move in the bag if you can’t tell this is just a short dive into my mind

Let’s swim in these pools where the bottom is above you

I don’t need to make sense I just need to exist

I’m the axis of humanity I’m the realist

Around I’m the groom of holy matrimony I’m marrying my id and will do all that we desire

One twist at a time

These freestyles must be turned to rhymes

Why would you want me to be you

When you is blah

Me is blasphemy

I’m better than you think

These words bend like a running clock

Just pulling up for the jump shot

Its going gong going goooonnnnnnenenenenene

I’m here to play with me

Not you

You get to watch as chair gets warmer

Your clothes will singe

Your skin will melt

It’s all good I’m returning your service with a smile

Don’t cry just release the bile

Your vile

Unkempt unloved unusable

Just like I knew you’d be

You’ll never be

Saved helped clean or sovereign



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Do you remember 

Do you know me, eh pa I’m serious do you know me? 

All these years I’ve been alive if we track the time. Have I spent more time on the field playing ball or talking to you? Has it been more more time teaching lessons or getting inked up? Have you prayed for me more than spoke to me,  it’s okay you can tell me. 

I look like you. I have your face, it’s a fucking disgrace to live in the place & look like you but not know just who you may be. If I cared I’d ask if you’re proud of me, but I can’t ask it doesn’t matter how’d you’d answer. You didn’t put in on me. You didn’t help me study or even kick in college money.

I’m great in spite of you. You’re a driving force in. Being better than you is my executed goal each day pushing for a more complete life from college degreed to how I see me. 

I fucking look like you no matter how much I try change. From the eyes to smile to my skin itself. I’m you. Fuck me I’m still you. No one I know in their right minds says the shut to me not wanting to risk themselves to be unknown to the eye. But fuck you, leaving marks I can’t erase. 

I can’t change my skin or face. It’d be easier to change my race. 

Do you remember your plans. The lies you told me the goals you had on being a good dad? 

Do you remember supporting abortion over safe sex. That the raw was the way before you were my age?

I see if you don’t want to speak on it I get it. Please don’t act as if we’re connected those lines were cut before I cut out. 

You cut your’s years ago. 

I still remember being a kid looking for you. Not finding you, until I looked in the mirror. Do you see me?



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