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things you do

I love the way you do the things you do your jewelry is impeccable studs balls; big and small spikes your double studs create floods your sense of taste is impeccable undoubtable being with you similiar to a dream cum … Continue reading

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tired an fully wired

full of caffein can power 3 machines red bull + khaos= full awarenes lack of carelessness I’m tired an fully wired preppin for bed holdin my head while i wait to write i mean type Tired an fully wired Its … Continue reading

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hollow words

Victory one small leap in NY is a giant leap in USA equality comes to us all and now for us all. legal marriage for the LGBT we are finally winning. victory nike one down now 43 to go. whats … Continue reading

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it shall not be televised

this revolutiuon will not be televised it will not just be in DC, phiidelphia or new york it is more it shall ignite in tennese, alabama, montana setting the whole world alight this revolution is for more than blacks or … Continue reading

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time flies

time flies every day is shorter than the last each nite is a blur of you and her. her eclectic smile an your bright eyes make every night your wedding night all over again. your love for her is motivation … Continue reading

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happy fathers day

I’m climbing the walls crawling on the floors screaming your name. the windows shake as you leave my knees bleed. I crawl across a desert of glass for you. my fingers bleed as i dig for you. i lose my … Continue reading

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intellectual boner

you stir my mental loins creating images an thoughts, its not sexual purely intellectual the way you inspire me. I doubt we’ll ever meet eventhough that would be neat. you give me an intellectual boner instead of being a blood … Continue reading

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