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Where I’m From

coming from my family I find it easy to hate women. It’s clear that here being a man is not respected encouraged or accepted. gender roles turned on their ear gender rules written in invisible ink 1 man circa th … Continue reading

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your eyes

a shade of brown that color it’ll be years till I see another your eyes lite brown serene in setting surreal to sight I wonder if they glow at nite your eyes oft imitated never outdone by none -dreads

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ramifications of mental altercations the same questions beat about my skull, can a friend be a hoe? does sex really change things? can it complicate good things? make bad things worse? what makes a whore? am i wrong to sleep … Continue reading

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imiatation is not flattering

WTF I don’t know nor care it’s unfair to come at me with your shit I’ve got my own shit to do an deal with you’re fractured identity will not aid you as you attempt to hurt mine you scream … Continue reading

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fresh to death

I can’t believe it happend again!! ready to go out an party got lost in the city my man talking about so many honeys we’ll build a hive we took a drive an found shitty dive after dive either it … Continue reading

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